What is the wrong view of the end times? How groups try to change the meanings of words to try to make them mean what they want as opposed to the literal meaning of words.

Israel does not mean Israel but the Church, Mormons, Catholics, Jerusalem does not mean Jerusalem but Rome, Salt Lake City or some other location. Preterists, Covenant Theologians, Amillennialist, and other groups try to make Israel mean the church and change the end times in the Bible to fit their view what it SHOULD say as opposed to what it DOES say.



  1. Can't imagine reading the books of the Prophets and Psalms and just blowing over all the beauty of the things to come. It is part of the strength of Gods word proving itself to be authentic. I wouldn't give it up for nothing. How depressing it would be to be amillenialist. Gods word would be boring. As it is I can't put it down.

  2. Each epistle addresses a certain problem the church was having, if we look today at the church it is pretty clear that the letter that most applies to American Christians is Galatians. Knowing Galatians gives you all the ammo you need against a dispensationalist, Paul can't be more clear on who is the "seed" of Abraham, who inherits the promise, that we are ONE in Christ, there is no Jew or Gentile anymore. The church has always been deceived by Judaizers, and they are still here to this day.

  3. When it comes to Israel his position is pretty easy to destroy. I have never been too into studying eschatology until recently and have spent my most concentrated time of study in the Pauline epistles. When you know the truth it is EASY to spot the false. I never knew what "replacement" theology was until I heard it from a dispensationalist as to Israel, and I had to ask what they thought of Paul's interpretation of the Abrahamic covenant, sadly few even know what Paul says.

  4. Many great heroes of the faith fell somewhat into anti-semitism like Luther because the whole of the NT would have one believe, especially Paul, that the Jews are the enemies of God and cursed. CH. 11 is important and addresses a problem that was developing in the Church that was anti-Semitic. Paul uses himself and the "remnant" prophecy of Isaiah to point to a "remnant" that will continue to be saved. Like usual he is addressing a Church pitfall, not a new prophecy of salvation of ALL Israel.

  5. Truthdebate, I suppose your "literal" reading of the Bible ends when you substitute Jesus' words "this generation" to mean "that (future) generation." Or when Jesus told the woman of Samaria that true worshipers would worship only in Spirit and in Truth, no longer in Jerusalem. I suppose you don't think Daniel's 490 years is a "literal" 490 years, but rather 2,490 years. Or that in Romans 11 Paul stated that only IF all Israel repents would God graff them back in. I could go on.

  6. The whole basis of the Bible according to you is based on your "Changing" the meaning of the words to suit your viewpoint. All the tribes of the earth means Tribes of Israel… etc etc… Why dont you just right your own bible…because you just change the meanings.

  7. "Coming on the clouds" Wow silly me to actually think the Bible might mean what it really says… Thanks for being hear to tell us it really does not mean what it says.

    So in Acts Chapter 1:9, he rises on up to the clouds…and is promised to come back in like manner…so is that a Metaphor also?

    Thanks for telling us what the Bible really says..Sorry to take it literal.
    So how long have you been helping people understand the Bible really does not mean what it says?

  8. LOL….
    "All the tribes will mourn"
    Lets read the verse..

    "Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the EARTH will mourn" Matthew 24:30

    Ok…thanks for correcting the Bible… For a while i thought is said "Earth"…now I know i really means ISRAEL… I am sure all the Bible should be corrected now that we have the real meaning.

    Thanks.. You really showed me

  9. i respect both sides. both sides have good points. however when you go to harmonize the verses that seem to disagree the amillennium view shines brighter. some subjects are much easier and this subject would not really matter in the scope of things except the premillennium view gives a second chance that does not exist. then it becomes dangerous.a twinkling of and eye. clearly revelations is definitely symbolic. isreal has been cast off and christians grafted in

  10. Yes, the gentiles were grafted in to "Israel" (Eph 2). Iif gentiles were grafted into the "Israel" tree, what does that make us? Answer: Israel! There's only one tree, not two. There's only one house (the House of Israel) not two! Gentiles have men "brought near" and made part of the covenant community! WE are God's building (1 Pet 2:5) "And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner [stone];" (Eph 2) ONE house!

  11. He quotes Romans 11 but does not realize what he is saying! He's leaving out an important part "God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew." Who are the "foreknown" ones as interpreted by scripture? They are the Elect/the "preserved" ones (as the O.T. puts it) And who are the Elect? They are the "vessels of mercy" in Romans 9 "Even us, whom he hath called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles.."

  12. @Truthdebate Jesus IS the TRUE Israel. Read Isaiah 49!
    "And said unto me, Thou [art] my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified.And now, saith the LORD that formed me from the womb [to be] his servant, to bring Jacob again to him, Though Israel be not gathered,"
    How does Israel restore Israel? Because Jesus is the "seed" that receives the promises and only in HIM is anybody "Israel." "For they [are] not all Israel, which are of Israel:…" Romans 9:6

  13. @Truthdebate Sir.
    Scripture does not say he was ontop of a cloud. Nor does it say that a cloud took him up. The cloud hid him. Why? Why didn't he ascend in full view of the disciples? Why didn't he wait till a cloudless day to rise up into the heavens infront of eveyone? I believe, the cloud hid him so the angels could in fact say he will come in like manner. HIDDEN BY A CLOUD. Lets just agree to disagree at this point. I appreciate your ministry. God bless.

  14. @laxtrax21 Take a little time and retrace the steps.."Literally"
    1. Jesus was in the presence of the disciples Acts 1:6…the gathered around him
    2. Jesus gave them instruction Acts. 1:6-8
    3. Jesus was taken up literally on a cloud….so if he is on top of the cloud of course it will hide him from the sight…He is on the cloud, not beneath it.
    4. Angels tell them men he is coming in like manner…

    Its not that hard to read the Bible why do you try to make the angels into lairs?

  15. @Truthdebate ALSO. The Daniel passage you are referencing was part of the vision that was given to him. So wait, are we supposed to take that entire vision literally? (rhetorical) This is where eisegesis of the text gets so dangerous.

  16. @Truthdebate Except in that same passage in Acts, we always seem to gloss over the part in verse 9 where it says "AND A CLOUD HID HIM FROM THEIR SIGHT." The angels said he would return the same way he left, HIDDEN BY A CLOUD.Exegesis is so important biblically. When we take the old testament we see the way God spoke through his prophets using metaphores, imagery and hyperbole. They understand being told he would come on a cloud. CONTEXT

  17. @puritanbob Futurist believe the Bible is written in a "Literal" format. Did Jesus dies on the cross? Using your philosophy and methods we can make the cross mean whatever we want it to. Was it a literal cross or was the cross the symbol of something?

    John in Revelation is reporting what he "SAW", you dont want to believe him.

  18. @puritanbob Bob, spend some time reading your Bible. God made literal promises to Israel, which required their obedience and repentance to receive. Jesus did not sin to repent. Jesus is not Israel, Jesus would have to be sinful to be Israel. Read Romans 11, clearly there is a distinction between Israel and the Church, except you try to make it mean something it does not say by allegoricalizing the Old and New Testaments.

  19. @laxtrax21 Its very simple, do you believe the words of Jesus and the Bible or do you want to make it mean what it does not say.

    Daniel 7:13-14 says the Son of Man was brought on the clouds to the ancient of days.
    Matthew 24:30 Jesus says the Son of Man (Jesus) will come on the clouds.
    Act 1:9-11 Jesus is taken up on the clouds "Literally"… the angels then tell the men of Galilee he is coming back the "Same way"….

    I ask you why is it so hard to believe the Bible?

  20. You need to look at the "literal" words of the old testaments. You are talking about Jesus literally coming on the clouds upon His second coming. While throughout the entire old testament prophets, there are countless referances to God's judgement as a CLOUD of judgement. So are we to take the old testament literally what it says in Ezekiel 32:7-8? You mention Matthew 24. In verse 29, Jesus is QUOTING old testament scripture!!

  21. The church also didn't replace Israel, Christ is the Israel of God, the promise is to Abraham and his SEED, not seeds. Paul makes a big deal out of this when he was dealing with the zionists of his day. All are ONE in Christ, there are not 2 peoples of God, it's all over the New Testament.

  22. But don't futurist premils also reject a literal reading of Revelation? It's a straw man to say that "We take it literally unlike those other guys" I mean you have nuclear war, locusts being attack helicopters and microchips, none of which are literally in the text.


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