This video is basically just a sampling of a phenomenal 2 hour interview with Gary Wayne I recently heard: Artificial Intelligence – (When Does Terminator Become Reality?) and Fallen Angels w/ Gary Wayne –

If you are at all in the types of topics I cover regarding the interconnections between quantum mysticism, Transhumanism, Occult Scientism, AI, etc., then you will definitely want to check out the entire conversation. I was honestly blown away by how he basically touches upon almost everything I talk about on my channel, and explore in my research. Very affirming indeed.



  1. All AI will be is an eclectrical conduit for demon possession.
    Humans will NOT have these capabilities without help.
    Cern and dwave are the conduits for ai, which is demonic influence….and answers, for them, I guess.

  2. Atman-Brahman, similar to how the Beast is described in Revelation, Is & Is not, is Being (sat) & non-being (asat). The Upanishads assign the number 10 to "primal matter" & 10 is 1 & 0. Primal matter & everything in the universe is described as "food" or energy. Aditi-Atman eats up everything on the cosmic tree & is the serpent eating its own tail.

  3. Hello. Thank you for your interview debate with Jeran. Your defense of the gospel was inspiring. Your ability to make it through I'm sure was a pretty impressive feat. Wow 4 hours! I thought it was really effective.. I just wish he could have given you time to respond more. I tried to leave some messages in the comments but I think YT removed them. On his channel. Not sure what really happened… Some got through.

    The greatest of lies in our world today:
    "I'm a good person & If God is love he Will not punish…"

    Legal obedience hath the evil of blasphemy in it. It reproaches the righteousness of Christ, as if it were not sufficient, as if his atonement were not perfect, as if his satisfaction were not full, as if his obedience were not perfect, unless it be patched up with the rags of man's own righteousness.
    Author: Ralph Erskine
    Source: Law-Death, Gospel-Life

    I watched the video about fractaline mind and I was really impressed with your message on pushing them too hard, often to our failure when they simply aren't somehow mentally ready or equipped to connect with the Word. It reminded me of how Derek Prince once stated that he "does not go before the Spirit". But when he sees the spirit moving on a person, he is able to help that person come to the truth. But not until then.

  4. Dear Will, please expose the most effective worship tool being used by Satan today. Music. The so called "underground" music scene, from Three Six Mafia, to Juicy J, to $uicide Boy$, and now Ghostemane. It is a direct attack on the souls of the youth of course, but the parents are oblivious because the children wouldnt dare tell them what theyre listening to. I need a video that makes these connections. Their lyrics are vile and abrasive like most music these days, but go deep into the knowlege of the occult and in 2012, 2013 came "Trap" music! The slogan coming from Star Wars, "Its A Trap". I was in the trap! I was led straight into it by my ex girlfriend and all the signs and symbols were there. How can there be such events if we arent living the last days?! Mad Decent.. Flosstradamus.. Cops surrounding the entire event, the most trippy sounds and loud bass combined with laser lights and crazy colors,, and a sea of lost half naked youth, all messed up on "molly" (being promoted by many artists including Miley Cyrus) at the same exact time as this all exploded at around 2013, and other drugs. There are stepped on blunt roaches and tiny empty bags all over the ground. My sisters are taken by this edm "trap", I met girls around this time who were around 17, 18,,, who admitted to doing "molly"(MDMA) at raves almost weekly… And most of these edm fans seen dressed mostly naked at these events have admittedly done meth by mistake. These drugs are mentioned subliminally and crystal clear in these songs. And its all a demon infested trap! See "Scum Bag" by Bro Safari… Or any of these flosstradamus songs that literally sound like the CIA created them.. See Crowd Ctrl, or Original Don… Whos logo is the caution sign and promotes pyramid worship… Without the Bible, it is a synthetic heaven. With the word of God, it is absolutely insane. It is spiritual suicide to attend any of these festivals or events, and now we have the most satanic artists in the world ($uicide Boy$ and Ghostemane) doing songs with EDM artist "Getter" and its getting worse and worse. Its one of the most horrifying elements of this New World Order, and none of my favorite christian channels seem to want to go into depth and study the lyrics and song names, artist names, the sound patterns and multi million dollar productions, and make the right connections to help wake these people up to the truth of God and sin and the salvation that is Jesus Christ(Yeshua). That in itself is horrifying! Why is noone paying attention to what is being fed to the youth? Why is noone telling them it really IS a TRAP?! This is so frustrating. I dont have the audience to do it myself but all these "truth" channels do! Why havent I heard the song "John Dee" by Ghostemane with 8.1 million views EXPOSED in any of these videos? Theyll expose johnny depp and Katy Perry but they wont take the time to listen to Exodus by "$uicide Boy$" and expose it for being a direct assault of the christian faith and on the word of God?! Its absolutely absurd. And I have made this comment on all of my favorite channels and have gotten little feedback much less an exposé on this music that concerns me so much. It is beyond detestable. They are destroying these young peoples minds, bodies, and souls and they are oblivious! They are attracted to these things like "ULTRA"(mk ultra?!) As if it was the human equivalent of bug zapper!!! God bless!

  5. It truly kills me how to use all this garbage dialogue to actually just blankly say that once you understand that so-called deepest knowledge in the occult in so-called quantum mechanics you're basically speaking to and working with the evil doers on light spectrum and on a frequency we cannot detect unless they allow us …they own those principalities and dominions and they are the controllers of it so all this quantum theory string entanglement language that they're using is just such Garb and it's really irritating… all they need to know but for only a short time will these Powers be allowed to do the things that they're doing

  6. Science, oddly enough, is what brought me back to God. By applying the most fundamental laws of physics to mainstream cosmology one is forced to accept a creator. For example; Newtons first law of motion rules out the big bang all by itself. Knocking out the platform of the devils' lie, effectively destroys the entire web of deceit. There are other laws, not just laws of physics that all support the same conclusion. So there are multiple ways to show the insanity of Scientism and ironically the best is real science itself.

  7. Ty. I love Gary Wayne he has so much wisdom. This gives me a really well edited, shortened version to share with others. You did a really good job. Ty. You Really packed this full of good content. Would love more of this.

  8. Christianity was also an Eastern religion. Israel is located on the continent of Asia. Although Asia is much larger than what the Romans thought it would be. The Romans called the regions east of it as being part of Asia. They definitely arent Mongoloids though

  9. I wish you were able to make more longer educational videos – I love your perspective and how you cling to the Lord. I do think you looked down your nose to early in the kjv debacle… took me a year and a half to sift through that one…. I think God’s Word has deep roots into all of this… Satan could stop physically killing people through persecution when people began to learn to read because he changed his tactics and changed not just the Bible, but the manuscripts…. and now kills faith through doubt in His Word …(did God really say… )… how did Jesus describe the Greeks? Yet, we bow to them for our ‘understanding’ of what God actually meant

  10. um isnt god going to destroy earth and create a new one?
    they added aprox 1000 years to our calendar so how does that fit in with jesus returning? if something turns up its going to be fake
    the corrupt people you speak of wrote the bible, why would they put the creators true words in there? because they casre and want you to find this god thing that they created?
    we can all see intelligent design and we all know that the bilbe was written by men
    not men and women
    oh and god is a he too
    what a coincidence
    oh and the female ruined everything
    for men
    so now we have a world where women are not cherished by men but abused
    eve was not the first woman
    lilith was
    lilith was equal
    men didnt like that
    so they got rid of her and gave the submissive eve
    created marriage so men get sex whenever they want and if no divorce
    all animals go into heat but human females are expected to be in heat 24/7
    todays men think that sex is love as a result
    men think they are superior to women as a result
    men are the ones who mostly rape, murder, torture and pillage, why is that?
    why would the creator be male?
    can men give birth or do they create technology so they can?
    sorry about the rant

  11. Evolution was the precursor to teach everyone that something can be created out of nothing. This theory is implanted onto the masses via education, television, and all out assault to those who don't believe. Quantum Physics is no different. The science is being forced upon us the same as evolution has been. Quantum Physics (Computing) is creating something from nothing, only this time, it will be those entities that will crossover back into our realm to unleash pure Hell!!!

  12. I went and watched the whole video, it was phenomenal…and disturbing. The part about the Holy Spirit being exchanged for the Sophia reminded me of a verse in Micah 7 that seems to be a glimpse of what the world that is coming will look like. I just had to come back and post it here. The things that are going to happen truly make you want to weep… and run and hide in God's pavilion…

    Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom. Micah 7:5

  13. And the "masses", including in Christendom are increasingly rejecting the Bible as infallible and in search of "truths" that they now think have been kept hidden from us…..
    Re occult/mysticism/Gnosticism, etc. growing problem, if you haven't done a video on Thoth, Emerald Tablets, that would be great too. As usual, good news/ bad news. Good news is more are "waking up" about how much we've been lied to, but bad news is it's making some question/criticize the Bible also even more. They think it's not infallible and in fact, keeping truths from us – and seeking all these ancient satanic teachings for it. Need more on proofs of its infallibility out there. Anyway, here's one on Thoth:



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