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  1. Making the Kabbalistic-Saturnite Cube the "cool" and "hip" thing to follow. Yes, seems harmless and meaningless to the conscious mind, but remember these symbols are designed to affect the subconscious mind where they can truly work their magick.

  2. NIcholson we are blessed by your being blessed with the insight God gives you & inspires us all with. Such a gift, what talent & timing – on top of it you are so self effacing & down to earth, humble, honest, true. in service to Divine Creator & others vs the other team in service to satan & self ++++ God bless you. I share your links all over the internet to explain things that I cannot, to assist others in connecting the dots, your skills of communication & conveyance are of great worth… if you only knew how much wisdom (right use of knowledge) you bring to humanity in ways you may never know. Just saying
    Thank you man & God bless you & your loved ones. Nicholson ~ You are the highest expression of human expression…mere words cannot not express (that was a lot of expresses LOL) Anyhow, YOU & your God given gifts are amazing & what you do with your talent, experience, gifts & insight is most worthy & I commend you. I Hope you are well rewarded in Heaven mate ! Just brilliant. The Lord must be so up with you. Not many out there on your level. : ) Cheers from Down under !

  3. Thanks for the video. How such an object can be of so much importance. I wonder what artist the music is from that is played in the video. I thought Bass Modulators, though looking to the lyrics, you miss quite a few lines. Can you tell? Have you seen the news about Saturn giving birth to moon Peggy?

  4. What makes the flesh can never make the soul, thus the necessity of trapping it in the cube. Until you learn how to get on the other side of time, you're in it.

  5. just was watching and learning about the cube last night! so what I got from it was that it is kabbalism. the 6 point star is what some ppl believe to be the star of david but it is not. It is represented by Saturn. So from my understanding it is Saturn worshipping or satan worshiping. Saturn's north pole is a hexagon and the south pole is shaped like an eye. Still don't understand the tree of life. I almost grasped the concept of xxl but not quite yet. Still got a lot of things to learn. Nicholson1968 is my understanding correct when it comes to the cube? If im not all the way on point with it feel free to correct me! thanks for the vid as always. 


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