Sometimes the key to your breakthrough lies in helping someone else reach theirs. When you bless others, God will make sure to bless you.

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  1. Don't go out there and destroy other people just because he believes in what he believes…. and main thing you are smart enough to know what is right and wrong and most importantly you rebuke evil so they can't fool other people… Cuz we only live once and after that is enternity so be deligent and watch who You rebuking because things will not go out will if you rebuke the wrong one .. know your enemy so you know who you will deal with when you rebuke

  2. When the father says what he says he really meant it ..he will do it for sure and no one can't stop his will to not be fulfilled..he always do what he says his always in control no matter what the situation and he will always be true to what he says that's how you know he is faithful…

  3. Theirs a lot of ways to solve a problem but if their is no way you can solved a problem then last resort is to get away don't deal with problem than cannot be resolved accept thats the fact of the truth … Either face it or leave it behind and let them handle it the way they want it. If that's what makes them happy bro happy for them

  4. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah praise the Lord ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ I am going to help others until my dream come to pass thank you pastor amen and amen GBU

  5. Thank you man of God to help listen to this powerful sermon. I actually needed this message. It came to me while i was in pondering what can bring breakthrough in my life. Now I have an answer. I must be a blessing to others . Thank you lord, I praise you mighty God

  6. Thnx so much pastor Joel! Whenever I feel down, I just tune in to ur channel on u tube!! Subscribing to ur channel is the best thing I did for myself!! Praise God! God bless u always!!❣️❣️

  7. good morning pastor Joel and good morning to your wife, we all are blessed that are father has given us another day, Gratitude too are heavenly father, and are Lord Jesus Christ, in Jesus name I pray Amen thank you for sharing this day with me pastor Joel, God bless you and your family and friends, Amen πŸ™ ❀ 😊

  8. This idea of helping others is always beneficial because we feel good and with time our problems are automatically solved even without a lot of interference from us….a very motivational speech….thank you β™‘

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