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  1. The map was not predicated accurately. Although at first glance they seem the same; Florida in ghe Simpsons version was red and in real life as the says is blue. What i beleive is Ohio up there by Kentucky in the Simpsons is blue and in real life is red. Still i agree the show and the events which follow are more the coincidence. As so having a main character named Burns. The question is does this mean itchy and scratchy can put aside their differances to hunt a new contender?

  2. If you get into gematria & predictive programming, and study how it involves Trump, it will mess you up. I'm starting to think Trump was planned and we've been duped again. So far, though, Trump has been on the up and up. Believe you me, I will be watching Trump like a hawk, for the second he goes south, I jump the Trump Train.

  3. +thecontroversy7
    This "prediction" has been widely debunked. The "Simpsonization" of Donald Trump on the escalator was made in 2015, not showing him winning this past election, but rather his announcement to run, after the real Trump descended the real escalator in his Trump Tower (when he talked about Mexicans sending drug dealers and murderers to the USA). It was not made in 2000 at all. The cartoon electoral map, although similar, is obviously not the same as the real map, as you can see. The cartoon map was pulled from an episode referencing the 2012 candidacies of Obama vs Romney, it had nothing to do with the 2016 election at all.

    You sound like an honest guy, and I don't think you are trying to establish conspiracy theories in order to scare your readers and viewers. The truth is though, that you are trying to force incorrect information to conform to your conspiracy theories. Particularly after this past election cycle, there is so much inaccurate and partly true information and outright lies all over the place, and a country that has been taken advantage of by the Presidential candidates, the main party executives and staff, mainstream media, left and right wing extremist media, and partisans on both sides. is a pretty good website for separating true from false information, without an obvious bias agenda that I know of. It might be worth checking some of your stuff there before publishing. Maybe there are some other places that are reliable as well. I'm not saying your have to check websites that I suggest.

    If this country has any hope at all of undoing some of this division, incorrect or partly correct info needs to be curtailed. Folks really seem to hate each other right now, and we owe it to ourselves to act with a little bit if caution. It's like the so called martial law thing… it was supposed to happen in 2015, then June 2016, then September 2016. We had the election, there is a new president elect, and no 3rd term for Obama. See what I mean?

    Cheers! life ain't as bad as all that!


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