Girlllll, today we go ALL in. I give you all the tea on Christian dating. What red flags to look for, whether we should go on dating apps and of course… sex (y’all thought that was gonna go unnoticed?). This video should inspire you to NEVER settle for less. God wants you to experience true, healthy and godly love 🙂

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  1. Your point on toxic masculinity was NEEDED sis!! It’s really something that’s been endorsed by African parenting but I’m learning to be more open with my emotions! 🙏🏾

  2. Blessed to have your channel to watch at this moment in my life. Thank you for doing these. How amazing God is using you to speak to sooo many women who desire truth and guidance.

  3. New subscriber 😊 I love your christian content so much on how you talk so much truth about God and I pray that Lord bless you more with growing wisdom and knowledge ❤❤

  4. Although I’m a man I found this so helpful. Puts things into perspective. We really can’t go off what the world does, but be lead by God accordingly. Great watch and listen!

  5. I don't think a man is supposed to lead in a "dating" relationship though. It's in marriage only. I often find that alot of us like to act like we're married in regular relationships but that's why marriage is a thing. There's levels to this.

    But great video!

  6. We were discussing dating sites during Sunday school some weeks back and the elders discouraged it, even the Christian ones. I don't mind meeting someone online but i don't think I'd do dating sites/apps 😬

  7. I respect that you aren’t tryna sell bs for clicks and you have sense of spiritual intuitiveness keep going 😄🙏🏾 you get it about women being lead 🤲🏾

  8. Okay can we please just take a minute to really appreciate how raw and honest this woman is in her videos and how she is always reminding us not only to love and appreciate God but to always love and appreciate ourselves because honestly at the end of the day why should I settle for someone who isn't going to treat me love and respect!!! And that go's for everyone else to, girls I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH REMEMBER YOUR SELF WORTH 💓💓💓✨

  9. i honestly love love this video and i feel like intentional dating is seen as being too “serious” in our society when really and truly it’s our Creator protecting us from unwanted soul ties etc, love this 🙏🏽💜.

  10. All I heard were facts!!!
    Facts no printer, Copy no paste 😂😂😂
    It’s nice to just hear these things over and over again during our Christian walk to make sure we stand by the word and that our efforts are not in vain. Thank you Elodie for this. 🤍🤍🤍


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