What sin does God hate the most? Bible teacher Derek Prince, tells us about the thing that God hates most. Derek will also share a personal testimony in this video about God convincing Derek of sin.

This is the sixth clip, part of Derek Prince’s full sermon ‘God Will Shake The Nations’. Full video: https://youtu.be/HaD43R-g3dk

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  1. This is wisdom!

    The only reason to divorce a wife is fornication

    This Understanding!

    That fornication is if a woman has become one flesh with a man before she has become one flesh with her husband.

    This is wisdom!

    I can divorce a woman for adultery if I married her and now I am committing adultery with her because she is still bound to her husband, who divorced her for something other than fornication/premarital.

  2. Pride is an aspect of man's fallen, sinful estate. The Bible defines sin in 1 John 3:4 — "sin is lawlessness."

    This is to say that sin is the result of an innate refusal of a fallen, contrary nature to be under the control of a Holy God. Another way to phrase it is that sin is independency from God.

    Pride, carnality, presumptions, lusts, fears and a laundry list of features of man's fallen nature (Galatians 5:19-21) all fall under the umbrella of independency from God — and, thus, sin.

  3. Duertonmomy chapter 31, mixing heathen rituals and customs into true worship of God, idolatry. Theirs few decent churches left, sadly, these heathen traditions have come into some churches. Passover is supposed to be kept by Christian people in April, once year, its holy communion. Its taking small piece bread and tiny cup of juice/wine, in remembrance of christ blood and body. In acts chapter 12, a scribe messed up, and wrote Easter. It's a pajan holiday, that some denominations embraced, and Passover is alien to these preachers. Easter is derived from saxony goddess Ashtoreth, groves. The sumerian in ancient Babylon started the Ashtoreth, fertility goddess of agriculture. Jezebel from HEMATH, Lebanon, married ahab king of Israel, and brought Ashtoreth, and 400 baal priests. God hates sodomy and abortion. In deuteronomy chapter 23, God says keep the military camp clean. No sodomy or sweet queens, they cant serve in combat warfare. The sweet queens are women. I have nothing against them, God doesn't want them in combat. Inflation is getting worse, moses warned this latter times generation in deuteronomy chapter 31, of calamity and curses. Many people are stubborn and defiant. Mass shootings are getting worse. Revelation chapter 13, were headed for a political one world system. Near future, satan arrives in his role as antichrist, and takes over a one world religious order, 5 month period. People go crazy over rock stars, movie stars. When antichrist arrives 6th trump, the majority will run after him like bananas. Antichrist will perform supernatural miracles and wonders. Like walking on water, and calling ignorant people to come out to him, many will worship antichrist. Many people are too lazy or dont care to study the bible. It will be spiritual destruction for many people. Its written in revelation chapter 11, majority will give gifts to each other and rejoice. Out of ignorance, they think its Jesus. At the 7th trump, when Jesus returns, the world will be terror stricken, they realize they just worshipped antichrist. Many people will be in Hades, place of dead and taught during millennium, revelation chapter 20.

  4. He is guilty of pride. He demonstrates this at the x minute mark…sorry can't see it..midway through. By saying he never was guilty of one of these: this at drunkenness immorality adultery fornication or misuse of funds. Are you saying everything he looked at a women he did not commit adultey in his heart? He never Masterbated as a adolescent? He never once did something in moral. See I when I talk about myself until today say I am the worse. I don't even say I am better then Paul. But just between you and me to show you this guy is a dork on this one subject I have been Celebate almost all my life with a few exception of my youth. I have to my knowedge only took a qbout 120 from a group that was a charity to pay a part of a rent bill? Which reminds me I should pay that back. Maybe this is why I posted. I won't boast in christ about myself longer. But this dude really was proud to say he never did this or that to justify to himself and you and the audiance. A proud man.


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