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ORIGINAL MUSIC BY: Garrett Vandenberg



  1. I like the one, "Do you think you're Peter? You have denied my friend request three times."

    Here's one that won't work.

    Girl I'm gonna call you Jordan River because all that bible study has made you deep and wide. Let's go for a walk!

  2. Or when you are genuinely ministering and you ask the other person if they know what God's purpose for their life is and they actually know it and it is along the lines of yours. So the standard, "What is God's purpose for your life?" becomes the same line repeated but in a seductive manner. LOL

  3. Okay some of these are really good, but the forced 'weird guy' charecters ruined it for me. Also some weren't pick up lines they were just implying that Christians are just really clingy people who move way too fast in a relationship.


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