The Trail of the Nephilim looks at the Serpent race of giants and their ancestors from Genesis to Revelation.

Friends I wanted to release this to you, the information is just the tip of the iceberg. The evidence I have from rabbinical sources and Qumran scrolls is far more revealing. I had planned on speaking about this in Tennessee but it may be better than I record this information privately and release on Patreon and via DVD. There is even now a teaching book being put together with all the pertinent information exposing this demonic bloodline. But please remember, even as I am from an Israeli bloodline it doesn’t mean that all Israelites are bad, to the contrary, it is a small remnant of evil that Satan used and is using that will bring in the Antichrist system.



  1. 59.24 fallen archons presenting themselves as copies of the husbands….like the story of king Arthur's conception, where the magician Merlin casts a glamour on the enemy king so he shags his foes wife and she conceives Arthur as her husband is killed on the battlefield….the Red Dragon House takes over the White Dragon….and is still on the Welsh flag today…..

  2. Sorry to hear his views on Trump , were he says Trump will help bring in Communizium…..were today….this very day Trump is using the Marines to remove the Chinese from the shipping ports on the West Coast… he is not as aware of current events as he lets on.

  3. I had a dream not to long after I got saved. I walked to the end of a dock and coughed up a small black and white striped snake that landed on the railing and hissed at me then jumped into the water. One of the most vivid dream I ever had.

  4. I’m confused, what’s wrong with being called a Christian? I mean no disrespect, but it sure beats the title “religious.”
    I’m proud to be a follower of Christ who’s set me free ❤️


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