We get a picture of what happens on the Sixth day the Tribulation for a certain tribulation saint. This is a series that I will continue in coming videos.
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  1. Pastor, as I listened I got a thought, not sure if the thought came from me or the Holy Spirit, anyway, this was my thought and I followed through each night after this video. Then, I kept feeling I needed to let you and others know too. Let me set the stage first please.. The word says, God knows the end from the beginning. He already knows whom will stay and whom will go. Whom will give their life to him during the tribulation and whom will not. As I laid in bed I asked the Father.. Is it possible, can I, am I allow??? My thought as I listen to day 6 was, Pray for the left behind. Pray for those in the future. God has no time line…. I believe each night he has given to me words to pray, Im sure Holy Spirit led.
    They will need courage, supplies, strengths, like minded Christians and so on………….I believe we need to be praying for them NOW, for we do not know how much time WE have left. I hope I made this clear to understand! Looking forward to more Pastor Jerry!

  2. Jerry is been a while since I’ve been over here. I can say u r consistent. Still doing the prayer cloths and praying for people. Aman to u brother. By now people have quit or moved on to other things on their channel. Keep pushing forward friend. God bless.

  3. I L()VE your presentations…and this series ~ And although I do not always comment, I want you to know that I watch each and every offering you post ~ I could listen to you everyday ~

    Yes, I will be Praying for you…always do ~

    Again, thank you so much…I am really enjoying my Bibles ~!

    Glad you are my Pastor ~


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