People have very short memories when it comes to politic, and thats by design. keep watching the teevision and reading THIER media and they will shape your opinion for you.
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  1. I am keeping WE DO NOT CONSENT going.having,asking mail sent.they can manipulate Google, u-tube, Not U.S Mail.Then,God Willing, I will go to Hartford to present.But I need ALL to put pix,email in stamp and MAIL.kat,ct.TX more later.

  2. so to hear trump in this earlier debate, ripping bush and the ginormous lie of WOMD, that is like salt in the wounds. i wonder if they made trump take a few weeks of special acting classes prior to his throwing his hat in the ring? it is all so truly sickening and it seems to me at this point, the damage is soooo done that this slate needs to be wiped clean.

  3. Did you know the Bush brothers call Clinton "brother by another mother?" And that they have had very significant business connections since Arkansas… And still do… Anyone who thinks they are on opposite sides is kidding themselves….

  4. Barry Sorrento is not even a U.S. citizen . such a fraud was perpetrated on the American people. Michael Obama is man, which means the American president was gay. fine just be honest about it.

  5. Trump is a willing, participating, proud puppet 1000%, this video is disappointing, and almost seems like a Trump promo. Anyone who believes that anyone, other than the creator can interrupt the elites plans, and agenda is fucking delusional. Job 9:24 The world is given into the hands of the wicked. All of the elites evil plans will come to pass, because it is written in scriptures. So strap on your boots people, its gonna be a bumpy ride, unless you keep the commandments, and put complete trust, and faith in THE MOST HIGH.

  6. I still believe if people are not AWAKE ENOUGH to understand who are the PUPPET MASTERS: The Jews. THE ZIONIST LUCIFERAN TALMUDIC JEWS. I am not anti Semitic just awake. I pray for them but as high as 97% are not the Children of Abraham but east Europeans. Wake Up, Stand Up and Look Up, our Redemption draws nigh. Peace

  7. Thanks Richie,good work brother.
    All too quickly the unbelievers will be without we inChrist.
    they still have today to seek Jesus,if not they're food for locusts.
    God bless you all in Jesus

  8. unfortunately, these things must come to past, THE Lord said vengeance is his. Everything will be revealed and we will see the full on return of Giants who are in stasis, kept hidden underground, in Mountain, and the new ones in labs that they are cultivating to use against us.

  9. God is revealing the truth right now. Trump was not meant to win by the nwo; msm is run by them. No doubt things look bleak with a world view. But God is in control. Those who have failed in their mission, ie. hrc, Obama. will be destroyed by their own actions. Justice is coming. Don't give up.

  10. Uhhh, more Bitchin about Trump eh, this video proved nothing about Trump being a puppet, only that he is hilarious as fuck, and called all their asses out during the election.😹 I'm sure he is a puppet, but this video did not prove it. Try harder next time, Praise KEK 🐸🇺🇸

  11. great work Richie! you are on FIRE!!! I loved watching Aaron Russo, he did a lot of good in exposing them. Him and another guy i cant remember his name, he did a ton of presentations exposing the illluminati and dollar bill symolism.. Can you name him? back in the 90s i believe… he was a pioneer to a lot of what we are seeing from Free Mason exposure

  12. what's the point on knowing all this information? to live in bitterness? im gonna flag all these channels, the "truthers" and hope youtube removes all these channels that mess with people's minds? the bad people will always win, its inevitable, just live your lives the best way possible, even if that means living in ignorance, PEOPLE NEW TO THIS, DON'T WATCH THESE VIDEOS, STAY AWAY FROM THEM, i made the mistake of knowing all this "true" information and i regret it……

  13. Brother I suspect you may have been called as a watchman. You're showing the world the times we are in, the truth of the system, sounding the alarm. An important charge in this time especially. It's important for the people to know the truth, and that there is hope in this terrible world we live in. Only one. Point to Him. Important charge brother. Jesus is calling you to point to Him. Lead them to Him.

  14. it's designed to give you the mental feeling that you have a choice and obviously you have much to learn yet in your awakening if you believe that one or the other is a non corrupt part of these leaders:)

  15. Spin doctors.Making out Trump cheated keeps the masses focused on that and not the fact he was actually selected and keeps us truth seekers in the minority and so it goes on. As Trump states himself its rigged, its almost comical.For me though Xendrius was great but now pushes Trump too much and hides behind a Jesuit avatar. Raises concerns for me at least but i hope I'm wrong. I unsubbed him for these reasons and others.

  16. Has it ever crossed any truther's mind after years of research, that first: the Presidents are all related? Trump is the 19th cousin of Clinton. All Presidents are related to their wives! Except JFK. Upon reflection, after much homework, It is clear to me that JFK was the last heterosexual President. Some may have been bisexual,but most homosexual. That goes for most of the elite in the military. Ever hear of a cherry Marine. Not funny. The Bohemian Grove in California is where grown men get together and run naked through the woods! all leaders attend. Putin is a butt pirate too!

  17. like fuckoff eh …bush did 8 years so did obama mama so what religion is in for these media bully bitches next they can suck my untrimmed nuts and i hope trump does 8 years as well….. better than getting nullified by bill clintons mate for 8 years …trump says money and money washes bullshit as well as filthy mouthed humans


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