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  1. Saturday is still the Sabbath but we gather on the first day of the week because the apostles did after the resurrection. Jesus has become our Sabbath as we rest in his finished work.

  2. Pi (py) 22/7 which the pyramids are said to be the measurement of the perimeter of a pyramid. Pyre = funeral pyre. Ra = sun god and also is the Hebrew for bad. Amid = amongst us? Pure speculation on my part but fun nonetheless.

  3. Excellent, excellent video. I would like to see you re-release some of these older videos that perhaps new viewers have not seen because they are important and "new" folks would watch them….

  4. nicolson 1968..we must also find the True NAME of our FATHER..the CREATOR..according to the Hebrew translation of our FATHER Names in Heaven=Shamayim in Hebrew..YAHUA..and HIS SON..YAHUSHA HA MASHIACH..SHALOM brother..may ALUAH ABBA YAHUA Baruch you..through the NAME of HIS SON YAHUSHA HA MASHIACH

  5. +NICHOLSON 1968
    This is a request that you make the printing larger on your videos, some of it is very small. I have sleep apnea & cannot wear my glasses under my c-pap mask. I have stopped watching some videos with a lot of small print because of this. I have problems sleeping & so spend a lot of time trying to sleep. I must wear my c-pap mask whenever trying to sleep because I woke up in ICU on a ventilator for 3 days. Luckily my home health aide could not wake me up when she was leaving & saved my life by trying CPR while waiting for the ambulance. My doctor put me on the ventilator while I was in the ER and told me later that I was barely breathing. GOD was with me and saved my life & it wasn't the first time that he saved my life. Sorry this is so long, tmi. Thanks for your videos, I do enjoy them.

  6. ok-I am not being sarcastic. It seems one has to be smart or wise to get to heaven?! What about my ex suegra/Colombian mother in law who is a SUPER woman grandma, and Catholic so she is serving Lucifer…so she is being deceived by Satan thru the Catholic church and she is going to hell? If by some miracle I get to heaven (yes I believe in Christ but am a horrible example of a Christian) and I realize Alcira my suegra is in Hell, I would not wanna serve that Un-just god who punishes simple people cuz the can't figure out they are being deceived.

  7. First I'd like to thank you for sharing this insight with us it helped me with some underlying questions that most people care to share. I knew the media and governments covered up many things.., and we are totally responsible in a sense of voting these leaders in. My question is if many leaders will not share this information to people, how do we find what is fact and fiction?  Honestly, I thank God, there are people like you confirming the questions I had, I really find this information useful and I do share with the people who ask and I can have an answer. Thanks again for sharing.

  8. I keep waiting for you to correlate your views on things with Revelation. I get the mixing the iron and clay, the programmable matter and stuff ( if they're doing it, there must be a purpose in it) if it's the mark to separate us from them and we're hunted down if we're not the same etc. The temple being us……. I just wish you could work out how this fits in with scripture… the two witnesses, the fact we're told when we see the Abomination that causes Desolation stand in the holy place and declare himself to be God, flee etc…. That's a singular event…… produce great stuff but it's gotta fit in this somehow…any thoughts?

  9. I'm curious. Have you ever looked into the cult of Saturn. Apparently in ancient pics our solar system was very different and Saturn was our sun. The cult of Saturn is associated with the illuminati as well as RA. The Cult has operated under numerous names But as far as I can tell it is the most ancient cult that has ever existed and is still very strong today. It is very evil and twisted. It turns Christianity upside down. I'd love your take on it if you know anything about it. If you don't. I think you will be very interested in checking it out. By the way the black cube the Muslims worship is the symbol of Saturn (or satan)

  10. …I figure God; Lord Jesus will be forgiving if people get scripture wrong about either a pre-trib/ post trib or no tribulation rapture, because he is a loving forgiving God- Constantine removed books/ combined traditions- ancient truth is a lifetime of searching- good Christians argue about scripture when they're on the same team. That allows the divide and conquer mentality to win. Someone wise said, "Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?" I want REAL peace, security, and LOVE!


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