Concerned about the war Ukraine? You’re not alone. Historian Yuval Noah Harari provides important context on the Russian invasion, including Ukraine’s long history of resistance, the specter of nuclear war and his view of why, even if Putin wins all the military battles, he’s already lost the war.

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  1. Is it a coincidence that in nearly every act of war in the past decades of human history there is always one country that has been involved in? I don't think so. Maybe it's not always Russia, China or the Middle East that's "evil".

  2. What a fraud of a historian and wanna-be philosopher that is Yuval N. Harari. His geopolitical analysis on Russia is worse than embarrassing. He only spits psychologism and moralism BS, zero rationalism about true history and current affairs. He has no idea of basic geopolitics and lives in Wonderland. Europe will never be together because European countries have very little in common in terms of language and culture. Spain has way more in common with Hispanic nations, England with Anglo-Saxon's, France with the countries of the "Françafrique", and so on and on. European countries only take decisions based on their own interest without caring about the rest. That's what happens when you create a fiction like the EU that only benefits Germany and US's interests at the expenses of every other single country's. Fascism never existed in Spain beyond few small and pretty much irrelevant organisations that were in conflict with Franco's ideas. And that's why they were swallowed by Franco's military movement itself to precisely avoid the spread of such ideologies in Spain. Harari's level of ignorance on Spanish history is astonishing. Diplomacy didn't fail because there was no intention from US's NATO or Ukraine to find a diplomatic solution in the first place. That's why we're where we're, dealing with the consequences of the actions of US and globalists' imperialism. US and Ukrainian oligarchs don't seem to want war too, yet you have their political and military leaders initiating and escalating the conflict. Harari fails to see the beam in his own eye.

  3. Very misleading narrative. Many ethnic Russians in the Donbas and other areas were being shelled daily for 8 years. Putin just wants to rescue his Russians that want to be independent. You’re making Putin sound like Klaus Schwabb.

  4. It is "funny" how this individual is talking about someone's fantasies about big Russia to manipulate us to believe his agenda, which will allow him and his bosses to implement their perverted fantasies about controlling people. We have to stop this!!!

  5. First of all you misread the history of Kievskaja Rus as a state. Secondly, how come that you noticed the will to liberty and didn't notice and accept the same will of Donezk people? Do you really think that only one person made a decision, that influences the whole world and doesn't harm Russian economics? The seeds of hate were planted long before by western values, promised to Ukranians. Now you see the fruits of them by those Ukrainians fled to EU. I doubt professionalism of your expert.

  6. Everyone is shocked with this war. Hypocrites… No scock for Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Cyprus, all African countries, America's and many more… Of course there is a shock. Still, the reason behind is not the suffering of the people of Ukraine. Reason to be shocked? 40.000 children working in the cobalt mines in Congo for 2 us$ per 12 hour working day for the electronics sold worldwide.
    Another even a bigger shock is because the imaginary world of those who never had a touch with the real world is falling apart. No more typing usd in a computer and buy even people… No more thin air… This is what creates the real shock. Find real food I would say…

  7. Biggest LIAR on the PLANET, basically everything this psychopath said was either a lie or a twisted half-truth adjusted to fit the narrative… well, he is a good dog for his Masters

  8. Harari sollte sich mal über die Ursachen dieses Konfliktes informieren, statt das offizielle narrativ zu nähren. Was ist mit der illegalen NATO Osterweiterung, mit demvon den USA inszenierten Putsch 2014 auf dem Maidan, den daraus folgenden acht Jahre währenden Bürgerkrieg, der Installation von Biowaffen Laboren in der Ukraine mit Hilfe der USA, der geplanten Atomwaffen Stationierung an der Grenze zu Russland, den aggressiven geostrategischen Interessen der USA…
    Wer sind sie Herr harari, dass sie uns die Welt erklären wollen?!

  9. When it comes to nocking your door all of sudden you are afraid of the future well they lived in the war against your humanity right in Palestine Iraq and Afghanistan and Yaman Syria and yet you can't do or say it louder than your racism

  10. Does this guy speak as a pure historian or as that part of that advisor of klaus schwab. ?
    Harari speaks and creates the narrative.
    I listen with interest and mistrust of harari.. who refers to ‘ useless’ people with arrogance.

  11. There has been peace since 1945? Are you kidding me? Just because no country "officially" declared war on another country, you suggest there has been peace? So naive. Also, what's the root cause of Russian Ukraine war? What about US interferring everywhere under the umbrella of NATO? This is voluntary ignorance and stupidity.

  12. This is extremely inaccurate and misleading! The amount of wrong information mixed with sussessfully implemented propaganda is terrifying! Poor people of Donbas have not been able to breath free air for the past 8 years but of course it’s against the agenda that is being promoted in this proxy war so the world will stay ignorant and the truth cancelled 😫

  13. I have to disagree in some regard. Kiev was the heart of the proto state of the Kievan Rus and was never a part of Poland until the Union of Lublin in 1569 when the city came under Polish administration. To say Kiev was Polish is as insulting as to say that it was Russian.


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