The war on men — and masculinity
Laura Hollis calls for ‘a return to (sexual restraint), and personal and professional decorum’

This is going to be an unpopular opinion, offered as it is in a maelstrom of headlines and revelations – many long overdue – about powerful men who have sexually abused, harassed, assaulted or otherwise exploited others. Each day brings new allegations, and nearly every day, more heads roll. But obscured behind the legitimate outrage against sexual predators is an unceasing cultural onslaught against men that should concern us every bit as much as the predation dominating the news.

I am absolutely not referring to current efforts to expose the men accused of sexual harassment or assault. The men who engage in that behavior deserve the public opprobrium they’re getting. I am speaking of a longer-term and more insidious attack against men – and masculinity – generally.

Masculinity itself risks becoming a dirty word. Across the country, workshops are being held to teach men how to avoid “toxic masculinity.” It’s one thing to suggest, as some of these workshops do, that there is healthy and unhealthy masculinity. (Personal definitions of “masculinity” that equate maleness with violence or exploitation, for example, are clearly detrimental.) But the same could be said of any human attribute or relationship. There are toxic parents, toxic spouses, toxic coworkers; there is healthy self-love, and then there is narcissism, and so on.

It is something else altogether to suggest that masculinity is in and of itself toxic – a not-infrequent idea expressed on social media and by some so-called feminist writers. A workshop offered at the Claremont Colleges last year was promoted with a flier that read, in part, “Masculinity can be extremely toxic to our mental health. …” Such a view smears all men, simply because they are men.

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  1. Hey brother,did you noticed that every "woman" that THAY show and showed troughout the years are men?
    And vice versus… UNBELIVEBLE!!!!
    EVERYBODY….First Ladies.Queens(Drag),most of CEO,all actress and singers since the born of H(E)OLLYWOOD!
    Since BABYLON THEY never stopped THE AGENDA!
    AMEN 🙏🏻

  2. "Oh dont look at me but I am going to have All my privates hanging out."
    Women cover up dress modest like the bible says. Men do not lust and get a reprobate mind. Stop watching these mainstream shows watch truth shows and read your bible.


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