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  1. E901= 5901= STRONGS CONCORDANCE 5901 we're from 5892= 5892 'ayar' from 5782 a city (a place guarded by waking a watch) of the widest sense a (even of a mere encampment or post), 5782= uwr,a prim root(rather identified with 5783 through the idea of opening the eyes);to wake (lit or fig):(a) wake (n, up), lift up self (self),x master.'raise (up) stir up (self), 5783 to (be) bare, to be made naked.

  2. Don't forget the propaganda to to convince people to eat vegetarian, soya based food, laboratory food. Soya kills male's testosterone, feminizing them and reducing female' s fertility due to the high level of estrogen. High level of estrogen also causes various diseases.
    Ibuprofen also lowers natural male and feminine hormones.

  3. What’s crazy is before this food shortage fast food restaurants have been giving us fake meat now it has me wondering if we had a food shortage for years and just didn’t know and if there was no food shortage why are fast food restaurants using fake meat

  4. The braindead citizen will say that their government will not allow any of this to happen and they will called people like us crazy because we see the clever illusion by Lucifer, the falling angels and his human minions 🤬🤬🤬

  5. Seeds of death Monsanto. All seeds are also GMO not just the meat. How can you have organic when the poison is already everywhere. Maybe organic is another lie to. There is no escape from the frankinfood.

  6. Dont tell me they are admitting to poisoning us by chemtrails. Who or what ever runs this realm are among the most vile filthy disgusting group of entities we can only imagine what is in their messed up heads.

  7. All these elites are all the aristocracy, descendants of the pharohs. And a small part of them are of the tribe of dan or at least they still claim to be Jew but there not they are the aristocracy as well when it's all said and done. And right now it is impossible to explain to anyone who the real enemy of humanity is. And if you try to explain it to them they will say your crazy. They are the ones doing this stuff to us, and if mankind does not unite soon against these pheronic kings there gonna destroy the world.

  8. Fluoride in the boils down to (pardon the pun) to nuclear power generation.. or dare I say wether modification. The fluoride is produced by nuclear plans that then use cooling towers which generate the huge white billowing clouds into the atmosphere and become our weather and rain.

    Excerpt from will about nuclear plants waste.. "Waste management – About 83% of the radioactive waste has a half-life in hours or days, with the remaining 17% requiring 300-year storage in geologically stable confinement to reach background levels.[63] Because some of the fission products, in their fluoride form, are highly water-soluble, fluorides are less suited to long-term storage. For example, cesium fluoride has a very high solubility in water. For long term storage, conversion to an insoluble form such as a glass, could be desirable."

    Now Google nuclear plant "smoke or steam" and you will see pics of the cloud generation. Fluoride rains down on us, no one is "adding fluoride packets" to the water at the treatment plant.

  9. ***HALLELUJAH to the Kingdom of the One True LORD GOD EL, our CREATOR, the Great & ALMIGHTY I AM!! Praise & Glory to our SAVIOR & REDEEMER JESUS CHRIST!! Be saved and go through the door! Truth, Honor, Justice & Majesty await all who enter by the outstretched arms of our HEAVENLY FATHER"s Only Begotten SON, JESUS the CHRIST!! 🙂

  10. Where is the info on the food? Who made the first part about what is being put in our food. I’m beyond disgusted. I want to keep my family away from all that. How do I find that original video?
    Please come Jesus 🙏

  11. No I would never eat fake chicken.As for fluoride, drink only distilled water. Use colloidal metals such as silver, zinc and copper. I also make my own MMS solution(Chlorine dioxide). These things with the best diet you can afford, wild edibles are everywhere and much more healthy than the junk we have been fed without inner standing of why GMOs are soulless. The above mentioned health remedies that used to be used with great success, these particular medicines are the way to clean out your system from everything from viruses,bacteria, Fugi, and parasites such as nano tech, I strongly recommend that you look into the information i have given you, do your due diligence and research everything, including me.

  12. I'm so sick and tired of this wicked world.. Just want to go home, this place is not my home, Just passing through.. Ps keep me in prayers if you can, living on the street since July 30th by choice,Prayers for Protection, direction, guidance ,continued strength and what ever else you might feel in your spirit, God is good, Tues Aug 18/2020 God sent a young man and lady to me and gave me a word of encouragement, what a heart felt moment, mentioned things Only God would have known, .. Doesn't matter where you are if God has a word for you He will deliver it to you ..God bless 💕

  13. Monoatomic gold Is probably the most important substance also known as manna was tak
    en out of the Bible by the Vatican ,it allows you to speak to God and also heals your D. N. A.,look into this please…

  14. Man made stuff leads to death..they are closing down meat factories in uk due to the 'corona'….I have yet to investigate how many other manufacture are doing..wouldn't surprise me if the corona is just occurring in food production!


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