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  1. but you forgot to mention your trick at 2:37 or so where no one in the white house is breathing, moving or anything else for that matter. All this over a music video, there are other horrible things happening right in your own back yard to address, and yes I do believe in the father.

  2. I'm confused as to why the Illuminati(if they exist and everything people say is true) would want to put all these symbols out in the open for people to see. WOuldn't they want us to not know they were around? Why even leave clues?

  3. I totally appreciate your videos. Something alerted to me watch this and I did and the headache I received upon viewing was devastating. I actually heard it on the radio and downloaded the song. After I viewed the video I immediately deleted the whole song. Total disrespect to our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

  4. wearing the cross upside down is not demonic sir Jesus disciple Paul was crucified upside down because he did not want to be crucified like our Lord and Savior so as a humbling act he said turn the cross upside down because he didn't deserve to die the same death as Jesus

  5. he killed himself bc he sold his soul….which is shown in I Cant feel my face….he destroys the man that sold his soul…he uses the cross to destroy what selling his soul has given him…the red cross is red bc its redemption its burning but you can't burn a cross…the song is saying how fame has built him up how selling his soul made him to what he is….a starboy… and he's done with it all that…he leaves it all behind…the black panther is his protection showing before he was a cat scared and small and now he is strong and ready to take on the world…..bro you need jesus


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