The early 20th century saw the peak of the spiritualism movement, and one of the biggest names to come out of that movement was Edgar Cayce, also known as the sleeping prophet for the way he fell into a trance-like state while performing his readings.

He claimed to connect to a kind of universal superconsciousness in this state and made predictions about the future, some of which seemed to eerily come true.

Although, of his more than 14,000 predictions, there are also some very out-there ideas about Atlantis coming back and death rays.

Cayce still has adherents to his prophecies to this day, though much of his work has been discredited by skeptics like James Randi.

Either way, Cayce shaped the way a lot of people thought in the 20th century.

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  1. True Christians don't believe in modern day prophets. The Bible is very clear on this subject. While Cayce's life was far from normal, he was just a man with ideas and dreams. Cayce used words and phrases to cover most any situation but he left the door open for changes to his predictions by saying "man can change the course of the future".

  2. I found you video on Edgar Casey very skewed toward the negative. I am a trained engineer and spent most of my life in Silicon Valley. I would judge the you should move expand your knowledge base so you can provide the balance required to overcome your reductionist thinking limitations. Give yourself a chance to see the world through multidimensional glasses.

  3. He may have been right about Christianity in China which is growing really fast. Some estimate up to 120 million Christians are in China. He just may have been wrong about the date.

  4. Oh and most of the people that can do what I do are out there trying to make money and some are very unscrupulous about it. I do not engage in any of that. I believe my gift was given and it is for a purpose that I am unaware of yet.

  5. I had a dream that if I warned a family about a house fire, they would avert it. I told them. They didn't laugh. A few months later one of them was smoking in bed and started a fire. Remembering what I said he immediately evacuated the house and even got the fire out with a fire blanket he bought after I told him about it. In my dream their dead dog was telling me what to do and I could see the burned and charred family as clear as I see this screen I am typing on. Scared me a second but as I always feel it's my dream I just waited and that's when the family dog appeared again and started talking. When I met them finally a decade later I recognized the dog IMMEDIATELY and told them my dream. Cayce was right. It's not to be debunked or to be believed. It just is. And due to the nature of it being controlled by probability, you can change it. Or not.

  6. It occurs to me that if you are trying to predict the future you may very well end up predicting a movie. Case in point. I had a dream about a creature that could breathe air and water trapped in lab where a woman falls in love with it and wants to get it out so she goes for help. They intervene and they save the creatures life. Turned out to be a movie 20 years later so…I also had dreams of playing Fortnite in 1998. For a while there I thought I was going to me invincible somehow one day. Lol.

  7. None of the ACTUAL Nazis of the upper echelon WERE Aryan so why do we keep calling them that? Hitler was so busy building this race he didn't realize his entire cabinet should have been executed for NOT being Aryans. Too bad DNA wasn't around lol…

  8. James randi is gone from this plane and he has since realized that not only is he not dead, he’s more alive than he’s ever been. Meanwhile, caycee knew this all along.

  9. He new doctors because they new he was right and wanted more info. You kinda put him down. But I would believe him over your simple minded thoughts. Why are people quick to knock down things that they can’t understand. I can tell you don’t believe in Christ who walked on water. Right? Sounds too crazy right? People like you will always be ordinary and always put down what their simple minds can’t understand.

  10. Ok, I paused, and I am going to watch the rest of your video. But, what does your shirt mean? I just want to make sure I am not giving views to some racist or pseudoscience channel…

  11. What is most astonishing is how all these educated skilled people with video channels can't even tell the difference between a real female And a real male. Edgar was a female. Women are excellent channelors.

  12. Its sad the way "modern" portraits are talk about now. Great minds that are a source… a key to scape… laugh at. The joke is on them, whoever makes cloud to feed the blind. I wonder if they look at mirror. Saying straight…… stay in that realm.

  13. In the semi sleep state all other noises, objects in eye sight & other people's energetic thoughts are put aside, Edgar was in control to open up to his ability to connect with whom he chose to let the precise information for through him easily & effortlessly.

  14. To read the akashik records, there's a lot of them in all the possibilities, but there's 8 billion realities. The truth is to reunited them. That's why "they" divide us. Good luck to everyone

  15. might be best either know his history or keep mouth shut, leaving out his coming to do what he did might explain why he could do these things, not least hear your wisdom of up coming events

  16. It’s so stupid and disrespectful to use the popularity of someone who predicted some things no one could and then say that he was not accurate- you try to predict something to see how easy it is. You must know it all then, cuz you are the smartest. Showing you scepticism and then using this man’s name to have views it’s disgusting.

  17. I have been to his institute in Virgina Beach. By accident. When young.

    As a person that was… was … a huge meditator … it is suddenly a knowing after consistent practice. What is or will happen is a timeless event and other conscious .. like explained “super consciousness” is automatic to ALL. If you are not specifically focused it isn’t noticed. But you suddenly are “on to” any BS around you. You just know… to protect yourself and or call someone or if a person is lying or attempting “ill will” or marriages… it is crazy. Yes you can change it.

    We are multi dimensional beings and frequencies may have us jumping into different decisions. It is also said out here that we can frequency jump and do not realize we do it.
    We are fed negativities to make us feel crazy or dumb so we succumb to the more dense frequencies that allow minimal control.
    Good luck with being afraid to branch out to believe all things are possible.


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