President Xi Jinping wants to establish the People’s Republic of China as the leading world power of tomorrow. Never before has China been so successful and pursued such ambitious goals.

And never before has China so upset the global political balance. The person largely responsible for China‘s dramatic shift is the President of the People’s Republic, Xi Jinping. As the key figure in Chinese politics, he has steered the communist country with sober pragmatism and calculation since 2013.

In terms of domestic policy, Xi strives for the “perfect dictatorship.” When it comes to foreign policy, he wants to rewrite the international rules. What are the goals of this mysterious autocrat, who was deeply influenced by Maoism in his youth? What motivates him? This documentary traces the rise of the Chinese president, and tries to answer the question of what his political plans for the future might look like.

The Chinese president’s friendly demeanor should not obscure the fact that Xi Jinping is willing to do anything to fulfill the mission of his Communist Party: To make China the leading economic and military power by 2049, the 100th birthday of the People’s Republic.

In 2017, following extensive political purges, Beijing paved the way for Xi Jinping to be “president for life”. His rallying cry is the “Chinese Dream,” an ideology with nationalist overtones. Those who don’t toe the line end up in prison and must publicly apologize. What’s more, a new electronic monitoring system is being implemented – to distinguish between good and bad citizens. On the international stage, Xi Jinping is trying to establish a new social order that is worrying for Western democracies.

This documentary on President Xi Jinping is the first of its kind. A People’s Liberation Army officer close to the halls of power, a Beijing historian, several regime critics, a former US ambassador to China and several biographers attempt to decipher Xi Jinping‘s uncompromising strategy.

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  2. "Universal values" excuse me this is one of the lies western people had always to force on the world ,, china itself is 1.9 billions , and We Muslims are 2 billion we follow a Divine law not democracy .

    so universal values is a lie from the west ..

  3. So stupid to think a single person has any power at all. Anyone who falls for this ancient mind trickery is foolish. "The Leader" takes information from a council (think tank) who collected info from various leaders of towns and cities who also take info from a mass of inspectors and simplifies the complexity of all that info down to a singular report to the public. The most powerful group of folk is the secret council of telepathic women in China who hate my insight to them for they are secret. Xi is as Americans say about any leader "just a figurehead", yet everyone keeps talking as if he has real power, as powerful as a parrot who repeats what he heard, maybe some decision making is done but not without the telepathies of the secret female council that no one is supposed to know about, least their power become weakened, thus me saying all of this is only schizophrenic madness.

  4. 一群伪君子自诩为和平圣徒,在国际上散布政府支持的宣传和妖魔化中国,只是因为中国在世界事务中获得了应有的地位。所以这就是西方民主在起作用。

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