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  1. She is smart, she making the ppl n church be like fools hsving n playing gay songs that glorify's LGBTQ agenda, In no way does it Glorify GOD just because she is getting play time in churchs, The devil sits in the pews of many churches, this is just another way of deccieving the multitude of ppl who love the Lord…..Be careful

  2. Spencer viral video is online, In Dallas TX little kids were taken by their parents to a lewd gay club called Mr.Misster Video shows Men Lewdly dressed as women dancing and tiny kids handing the men money and it shows the lewdly dressed men as women walking on a runway with the little kids someone even brought their baby to this .A Still photo shows a huge neon sign in the back round it says " it's not going to lick itself". A same type of event also took place last spring some where in L.A. of this year. This is in your face the same way offenders groom children. Communicating /interaction with a minor for illegal purposeses is felony prison time. How are people not going to prison for this? In Georgia a 5 year old girl was violated in the girl school bathroom by an older boy he's using the trans excuse for his defense. In Virginia a girl was violated in a girl school restroom by a trans guy I think he was expelled previously from a school for doing something similar. Allegedly school officials handled the matter poorly and when the girls parent showed up at at school board meeting he was treated as the bad guy by the cop or cops that were there. I lived in Washington state when it became law men could use womens restrooms, It wasn't uncommon to see newspaper reports of trans men getting arrested and charged for voyerism and or using a recording device on children in womens restrooms. The LGBT/Woke Movement has been Weaponized to Goom & Force Soctiety to Socially Accept and Later in All Likelihood Legalize Violating Kids. These reprobate minded people aren't going to have their Eutopia they will go through the great tribulation instead then there will come judgment! Lord Jesus come soon.
    The following is extremely gray areas I'm not stating any facts, 1.Don't expect much from the current President , if anyone can still find online the compilations of the video ops he's taken in the past with his colleagues wives and little girls it indicates why he used to be called creepy Joe Biden. Anyone remember the short clips on TV of Joe right before he ran For President apologizing about females personal space? 2.If still on the internet Ted Gunderson a former head high ranking fbi agent bluntly and doesn't mince words when he claims during some of his lectures our officials are into this kind of stuff he seems to never name names though. 3 For years I've listened to a Podcast by a former Washington State official from the Spokane Valley I'm not sure if a lot of stuff he says is credible but he claims that some school districts are reporting parents to the fbi if they speak out against the LGBT and critical race theory/woke mandates at school board meetings, I can't remember if he also claims this is happening at local and county government meetings as well. Please keep in mind the Last 3 points I mentioned are extremely very gray areas and I don't mean try and state Fact.

  3. I can’t even listen to this , there’s no such thing as a gay Christian unless they have repented, Jesus said come as you are and don’t leave as you were , it makes me sick , when good is bad and bad is good 🤦‍♀️Lord I pray you open their eyes so they may see , Amen 🙏🏻

  4. Matthew 7
    Ye shall know them by their fruits. The Word of God is clear (Kjv) to those who [truly] desire Truth [Jesus Christ] more than their own fleshly desires.
    Galatians 5
    Walk in the Spirit and you won't fulfill the lusts of the flesh.
    Galatians 6
    Be not deceived, God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man (or woman) soweth, that also they shall reap.
    May we pray for those who are lost, that perhaps God would be merciful to them and cause a change of heart before it's too late.

  5. You might be born- one way But you should try your best not to sin in any way for example I gotta be on a lot of pills to not lose my temper but God has made all these pills so people like me could make better decisions

  6. I believe that this songs are wrong to sing,but all the songs that we sing and love, are we really sure of all there origins😕,and do we know what the artists were doing beyond the scenes?🤔

  7. "Heaven isn't for everyone" – TRUTH!!!
    Heaven is only for those who forsake themselves, take up their cross and follow Jesus in the best obedience they can do.
    Too much greasy food will give you a heart attack and kills you physically
    Too much greasy grace will give you a spiritual heart attack and permanently sends you to the hot lake.

  8. Bro Greg L turned his life for the better, He made a mistake that turned out for the better. He's growing in God and that's redemption. Alot of people thinks he should step down. You can't mix light and dark. We all need to be careful what we take in. We need to get back to the blood of Jesus. That shows people are not engulfed in God or they would be more careful.

  9. That man or woman didn’t mention Jesus. It’s a concert, no church service, it’s smother devil fooling the sleepers. Another satanic church deceiving those that are looking for anything.

  10. You cannot be a Christian
    AND embrace a lifestyle that is an abomination to God.
    We can love the sinner but NOT partake of anything that promotes ANYONE WHO LIVES A LIFE THAT YOD CALLS AN ABOMINATION.
    NO WAY.

  11. The world is simply separating from the Children of God as it should. Remain in the truth and those who wish to follow the truth, bring them to God. If the world wants to fall away save for those who want to know Christ, let the world go it’s own path. All things must come to pass for Christ to come.

  12. Keep going Spencer… We are all apart of "If they hated me.. they'll hate you too"…
    Another representation of the truth of the gospel that Jesus shared.
    Play it backwards… curious to hear what else it says.
    "Be angry & sin not…" She was hurt and angry and created a blasphemous song. If the bible says it's wrong… IT'S WRONG.

  13. Here is the thing: Christians are consumers of content and decide what they LIKE to consume. You are correct about Semler, she is doing this for influence and power. She does know exactly what she is doing. She is doing what works. She has literally made fun of Christian music. She knows Christians will consume anything that you throw God into because Christians are actually this gullible. So you can blame her if you want to but why not look at Christians who really are just brainwashed fools to buy this type of thing in the first place? Semler is not doing anything wrong by making Christian content. She is allowed to do this, ya know. NOW, you have in the Christian music business many Gatekeepers who do not let in any music from artists not affiliated with big ministires or companies and will not even listen to Christian music not coming from certain sources and yet SEMLER gets her music heard and the industry does not seem to have a problem with it. There is a market for her music and modern Christianity is all about the MARKET. Christianity is a MARKET in America and it's consumers are naive and easily duped.

  14. If they ask you to come and eat ,go and have meat . BUT if THEY TELL you it was for idols . DONT eat . .not for your sake but for theirs . Because we Know that there is only one True God . So it is for their sake we avoid things . … general but you get picture

  15. God help us return to our first love. I think many are put off by the modern-day church because so many of them do not separate from the world at all. It's like a big game and unbelievers can see this. Pastors living in luxury while the poor struggle. We have gone so far away from how the early church was. Money collected was to help everyone in the congregation, nobody went without.
    Today it's like all the lines are blurred. No more black and white, it's all gray.
    God help us not to be lukewarm.

  16. Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is one stunning example that covers all the blasphemous bases. It hasn’t merely mesmerized supposed Christians, it has gotten over on the faithless masses.


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