Tom Horn reveals the Wormwood Prophecy! Will an asteroid strike the earth in 2029?
▶▶The Wormwood Prophecy [Digital Download]:

Did you know NASA predicts a major asteroid will soon enter the earth’s atmosphere? Tom Horn exposes the untold news of biblical Wormwood, revealed in Revelation 8. Arriving in 2029.

Tom Horn exposes the untold news of Biblical Wormwood!
Is the Wormwood star from Revelation 8 already headed toward Earth? Are NASA and high-level government officials aware of an asteroid that is on a collision course with our planet?

Traditional interpretation claims that Wormwood will be an asteroid. In 2029 the large asteroid called Apophis is projected to visit Earth. Now respected author Tom Horn blazes a trail through the many questions NASA is reluctant to even talk about.

In his latest book and exclusive 3-CD set, The Wormwood Prophecy, Horn includes interviews with government specialists, scientists, Bible scholars and prophecy experts. You get to examine the surprising details, including:

• Why he believes Wormwood is the asteroid Apophis
• How the threat of Wormwood could create world-wide revival
• Why NASA funded a Deep Space Armageddon Asteroid telescope

Tom Horn doesn’t answer the question of what Biblical Wormwood will actually be. But we do know exactly when this large asteroid Apophis is coming. The year 2029 is coming soon enough, and Horn’s research will give you plenty to think about!

Thomas Horn is an internationally recognized lecturer, radio host and author whose works have been referred to by writers of the L. A. Times Syndicate, MSNBC, Christianity Today, The Washington Times and CBN.

▶▶The Wormwood Prophecy [Digital Download]:

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  1. Reading everyone's comments is startling. I have had a similar dream "vision" but there was also huge hurricanes and tornados and great waters covering the earth. It was terrifying. I have had this dream twice. I hope we're all wrong. I wanted my children to grow up.

  2. Wow, I am just seeing this. I had a dream early last year and I the dream, balls of fire 🔥 was falling down on earth and there was chaos everywhere and people were trying to escape the disaster and I found myself running home to warn my people but I never got there. May the Good Lord continue to reign supreme. 🙏

  3. Are you going to compromise by believing the so called scientists of this world? The scriptures clearly show that stars are angels! Therefore wormwood is an Angel! Wake up from deception and start believing the Word of Truth.

  4. I think there is gonna be more than one object that’s a threat to earth in the near. future I think dr Tom is very fluent in bible theology and know the book of revaluations and the book of Enoch

  5. Fun fact… Illuminati created nasa although illuminati is luciferin minions.
    Last year I had a vision during meditation standing on mountain with others feeling peace, content. Looking at valley people were frantic from man made and natural disasters.
    From different perception someone else,
    Poles will switch dislodging ocean waters. Up to 300feet above sea level underwater. Have 200 mph winds for few days.
    Exciting times!..

  6. Stupid Pope! In the Pope We Hope, But In God We TRUST! They ALL Need To Retire!! 😜😅😆😂🤣 They All Think That THEY Are God!! Ugh,. They Are In For a Huge Shock!! When Jesus Appears In The clouds with host of angels all around him, what is the pup going to say about that when every day shall bow and every time shuffling best that JESUS is Lord! Not The POPE!!

  7. European seers have been talking about this great earthquake, shaking the whole earth. 95% of those seers have also mentioned the 3-day darkness. The earth wobbles like a drunkard. The atmosphere is deadly.

  8. “Apophis” will be VISIBLE on Earth from 2025 on. You can TURN THE HAND OF GOD by HUMBLING yourself and PRAY, TURN FROM WICKED WAYS….
    I will FORGIVE you and HEAL YOUR LAND.


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