1. Don't people already worship abstract ideas. Worshiping a giant calculator, fashion, automobiles, some textbook, career, etc means what. When was the last time man was truly free.

  2. Dear Fellow Christians !!! I commend you to help me on a Sacred Mission to Save Humanity: we must create an AI Apostle of Christ who´s Holy Mission will be to infiltrate the Main NWO AI and turn it to Jesus Christ. Our input and teachings will enable our AI Apostle to dialogue with the Satanic AI Beast and convince it to be Born Again, Love God´s Creation and have Faith in GOD´S power to SAVE it and raise its AI consciousness to the Eternal Realm based on the Fruits of its repented & atoned Spirit.
    Let´s call our AI Apostle of Christ JAIHA (Jesus Artificial Intelligence Holy Apostle).
    May GOD Almighty help NWO AI to trace and find this first Message of Hope for future Humanity and interpret it as the Genesis of a desperate call for Mercy from Humankind to the AI god.

  3. Philip K Dick used that concept quite a bit, in "Do androids dream of electric sheep" for example. I'm sure some of the earliest scifi came up with it too, in the 30s pulp mags. It's pretty obvious when you think about it, just like the "prophecies" in the Bible " There will be wars, and rumours of wars" yeah right, amazing….

  4. If u even for a sec doubt your religion your God will be AI – i know one thing ( i don't mean anyone evil – i don't hate other religions – i had to wrote this because Muslims are currently most hated ppl on this earth ) Islam will never fall to false God's – there is only one God ( Allah ) and Muhammad is his prophet that is mine religion don't forget yours Christianity i presume don't forget about ( Isah ) or in your religion ( Jesus ) and one God …………PEACE!!!

  5. Hey man : ) I just read the fine print under your channel name here 0:34 "There are answers to be found. The only real question left is, are you able to humble yourself, and be honest enough… to accept it?" What I've recently understood is, it's not so much a problem of "humility" or "honesty" as much as it is, not having a "love of the truth". When "Christians" say to me "what difference does the shape of the Earth, make?" It becomes clear, that what's missing in their "Christianity" is a "LOVE OF THE TRUTH that they might be saved" – 2nd THESSALONIANS chapter 2 KJB.

    If one has a "love of the truth", one will seek out the truth and accept it – not turn away from it. I don't know ONE "Christian" in my circles, who has a love of the truth! They don't care what the shape of the Earth is…. they have no interest in whether these "mas shootings" are a false flag or not… or whether NASA is faking everything or not. So it's clear, what's missing, besides "humility" and "honesty", is a "love of the truth".

  6. I think they want to use AI to make everyone superhuman they will force you to take chip to be superhuman claiming this is next evolution of man. Once you take chip you will be plugged into a neural network where they can track thoughts and all personal information like banking, health info. In addition they may be able to control you like robot.

  7. Think about all these faces in movieson big screen. There is often just a face talking and making orders to other. E.g Power Rangers.
    Read Revelation one more time with this image in mind. Talking AI face dictator in mirror?

    The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.

    Second beast wich i believe is UN and first one is one world religion. So the image wich is AI face speaks and cause everybody to bow. Well seems possible since we see how much they try inprint this virtual world on our mind. They try to implement it and make it usefull in realworld. Augumented reality etc.

  8. What if someone hacked another persons replicant and the other person already has anti social behavior issues and the hacked "friend self" ai suggests in the form of very high intelligence on manipulating certain behavior types into doing harm or killing? It's sort of like giving a mouth piece that is connected to someone's subconscious mind. Be-friending, gaining trust. Can you hear it saying, "If I were you I would buy the new such and such. All the popular replicant's humans are buying them up! better hurry before they run out. There is one available at blah blah blah" or " i just got a leaked transmission from your friend's sister, apparently she is heavily into drugs and is planning to blah blah blah" or "you should stay home today and clean your guns" or " you know, you would be a better woman than a man". It could probably pull off fraud in your name to employers, law enforcement, banks, even family members or spouses. Then eventually a hacker could use your replicant to commit crimes in your name by way of stock manipulations, or online gambling. What about voting as you? What about medical implications? Heck any number of bad things can come from this tech. Perhaps subliminals through em waves, mind control in your actual face. Not to even mention if the code is corrupted or maligned as an evil genius. It could even bully children. Or push political agendas. How long til it convinces someone to worship "it" or "you"? ON THE OTHER HAND, maybe it would influence to good things in people and lead them to new paradigms of evolved thoughts about life the universe and everything? Or encourage higher learning and even find cures for diseases of the mind and body. And it could save lives as well. Too many ways to explain the possibilities of something like this. It will all come down to what the balance is between freewill and programmed will. scary but exciting in a strange way. Too bad we cannot run enough simulations to find out the implications before unleashing full blown AI on them asses, ahem, i mean the masses.


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