Happy Saturday, friends! I am soooo pumped to share with you all my first impressions as I unbox the brand new “The Bible Study Plan” books from the company, The Brand Sunday (authored by Zach Windahl @zachwindahl). I hope you enjoy my review and sneak peek at what’s inside!

• Want to purchase your own? Click here: https://www.thebiblestudy.shop/tbs?utm_source=google&utm_medium=search&gclid=CjwKCAiAwZTuBRAYEiwAcr67OSJIXmdRwxxinJQ7hm0rC3QfNu5l5494yJ3fbqS9MGqGjdObw-Ft9hoCOp0QAvD_BwE
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  1. I’ve been doing the Bible app “bible in a year” and have been following along with it really well, my only problem with the app is once I’m done with it I have the instant reaction to scroll my other social media sites bc my phones already in my hand… I’m finding/wondering if what I just read falls on empty ears bc as soon as I’m done I’m looking at things or filling myself with things that could lead to not being content. Not to get to deep tho lol, my friend posted this on her snap after it had been recommended via IG so I wanted to see reviews on it, I’ve seen the husband of the couple you mentioned I’ll have to look into their family content, thanks for sharing I’ll be ordering soon.

  2. Miss GCH, I really love your video! I used to be a KJV only for many years until the end of last year. For Christmas I received a gift card. I chose to spend it on an ESV Study Bible. I love this version of the english Bible as it brings back that excitement and awe for me. Watching you being excited over these 2 books reminds me of myself reading the ESV (English Standard Version) for those that don't know, for the first time and at my age that is dope. My nephew who is 21 is one of my closest friends. I am going to show this to him and see what he says. I would buy those but alas I spent it on the ESV Study Bible. I am 55 BTW and work for room and board. I subbed to your channel and want to see more of these wonderfully designed books. Thanks for sharing and caring. God blesss you and yours. : = )

  3. Not sketchy. That's God working behind the scenes, because He knows what we need, and when we need them. I just ordered mine today; excited to jump in and dive into the study. I've never read the Bible cover to cover, so this will be a new start for me, but I'm excited to see God work through me in all of it.

  4. It’s good to know the price I thought it was $40 each. I’m more interested in the content of the teaching or study portions. I did like that outline regarding filling in the names of prophets.

    I have been contemplating on buying this book, but now I am definitely buying this! I am 19, I love God but I admit it is hard for me to fully engage in the Bible as much as I want to.

  6. As wrong as this feels to say, it's warming to hear that I'm not the only church kid my age that hasn't read through the Bible. I'll try and see if I can put this on my Christmas list!

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