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  1. So can't you all tell what time it is??? If no more president who do u think the Antichrist is??? Does the trump sound familiar maybe not good looking and young but money counts for all of this

  2. Please pray for me as I'm struggling and several different areas. a few of these areas I am doing better in but have not one-hundred-percent broke free and I want to be one hundred percent right with God

  3. That’s cause they’re making way for the Antichrist and his mark of the beast chip!! Then Elections will be a thing of the past just as life as we know it! Freedom?? What’s that?? Fun’s over! Best to be right and ready with the Most High God cause He’s our only escape! Luke 21:36 Its all happening just like He said it would! We’re not only in the last of the last days but we’re in the final mins!! 😳 Godspeed and God bless! ❤️💯#discernment

  4. This is serious, it has always been that is why the son of GOD had to be crucified but the joy you feel as a believer is like a super power because we know who and what your are FATHER you are the promise keeper.


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