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  1. CORONATION OF HRH QUEEN ELIZABETH II (1953) FINALLY EXPOSED: Was it a satanic pagan ritual?
    Yep. It was all from the pits of Hell.

    There is no going about the fact that the 1953 coronation of HRH Elizabeth II had all regalia of the ceremony, the crowns, sceptres, robes, sphere and bracelets, were taken from the Tower of London & kept in Westminster Abbey In the House of Jerusalem. Liz’s Coronation Ceremony was steeped in satanic-Aryan tradition even the stone her bum sat on was the Stone of Destiny which Edward I had stolen in 1246 from the Abbey of Scone from Scotland, meant for Ireland from Israel via Egypt known as Jacob’s Pillow.

    The Archbishop of Canterbury turned to the north, south, east, and west (the four points of the Pagan cross) and the congregation shouted “God save the Queen”. This was symbolic of the story in the Old Testament describing the crowning of ‘Saul’ as King of Israel when people shouted “God save the King” and is found eight times in the Old Testament when the Kings of Israel are crowned.

    The Queen sat on the Coronation Chair holding the Egyptian symbols, a sceptre and a rod. On top of the sceptre is the Maltese Cross and on the rod there is a dove. Liz later holds an orb with a Maltese cross on top, like those used by the Dutch wing of the Black Nobility. So Babylon is now London and Queen Elizabeth II is seen by the Brotherhood as a symbolic successor to the legendary founder of Babylon, Queen Semiramis, who was symbolised as a ‘dove’.

    The Queen was also anointed with oil at their coronation, the ancient tradition Aryan and Satanic-Aryan that goes back thousands of years (the word “Christ” means “anointed”). This was all pure Brotherhood symbolism.
    The oil was the same mixture as used in the ancient Middle East and was carried in a gold vessel called the Ampulla made in the form of a dove and was the same symbolic process used in Egypt by the Royal Court of the Dragon which supposedly elevates the monarch to the rank of High Priest (of the Church of England).

    So yeah, Her Royal Evilness Queen Lizzy or Queen Lizard as I like to call her is Satan's minion on Earth. Btw Is coronavirus and coronation coincidence or connected?

  2. At 15:0015:15…he said, I'm not trying to preach…. society has programmed us to shut down listening to "preaching" ….. Be PROUD to preach and bring 🕊the WORD to ANY & EVERY ear that will listen and offer to open ALL eyes to see the TRUTH of JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Savior❣️no matter how taboo or frowned upon it has become….all the more reason it is Necessary to do so… Keep up the Good Work, Brother!!!
    Don't EVER feel shame to "preach".
    Thank you🙏🏻for all the time and effort to find and guide the lost sheep of this world and rekindle the relationship with the found💞

  3. I live in a state where they banned the religious exemption for mandatory vaccinations. My first thought was I will flee or they can imprison me.. but then I thought, well the Bible says poison wont effect God's people Mk. 16:16, so maybe I just do it trusting God then I will be able to move freely and be able to evangelize more. What are your guys thoughts?

  4. judgment is coming upon the church ! Jesus will be killled off in the hearts and minds of most Christians . Everything that can be shaken will be shaken ! God's people say they love him they give lip service their hearts are far from him. The Church will be many days w/o a King!
    Only a remnant of God's people will endur!!!! The church is in iniquity our sins are hid we are pure in our own eyes ! God is going to depart until we confess and forsake and seek his face!!!! A great falling away is yet to come!!!!

  5. How do we reach our Loved One's tht r blind sided by this Dark 🌎? I do 🙏 & make my family aware tht God must b 1st in our lives they listen 4 a bit then go on with their lives. Lord Help Us!

  6. Does this scripture not apply bro?

    Romans 13:1-7 NET
    Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except by God's appointment, and the authorities that exist have been instituted by God. [2] So the person who resists such authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will incur judgment [3] (for rulers cause no fear for good conduct but for bad). Do you desire not to fear authority? Do good and you will receive its commendation, [4] for it is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be in fear, for it does not bear the sword in vain. It is God's servant to administer retribution on the wrongdoer. [5] Therefore it is necessary to be in subjection, not only because of the wrath of the authorities but also because of your conscience. [6] For this reason you also pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants devoted to governing. [7] Pay everyone what is owed: taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due.

  7. That happened to me. I knew she was coming. They sent me home because she was my first and I was only dilated to 1.5. I had her 4 hours later. The paramedics didnt think we would make it to the hospital 8 minutes away in time…

  8. As you know brother I was arrested in harassed in my all of my write so-called rights that they claim they have the power to give or take away other words the constitutional rights were violated by a military type of police I've never seen before he was the only one dressed the way he was plus the World Health Organization also said that we need to be ready and we need to stock up on food and they also said that we need to be prepared to have drastic changes in our day-to-day lives that was directly from the World Health Organization I believe it was released about a week ago or less

  9. I love you brother, and I thank our God in the name of Jesus for your great important eye opening message. It's a blessing! Keep up the good work.


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