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  1. Shalom and blessed Sabbath. Jacob need to stop fighting for equality, we are not equal to Esau we are above them spiritually and in Yahs eyes as His CHOSEN children. For Jacob has He loved and Esau He hates. Esau want us to be beneath them but we wanna be equal to, and treated like they are. Esau is the END of this world and Jacob is the BEGGINNING of the world to COME. Yahusha is not coming with peace but wrath and vengeance. Stop deceiving yourselves and others with this equal nonsense. Yah does not like lukewarm your either the head or the tail. Right now we are the tail because Father YAHUWAH said so, and none of His words come back void. Our ancestors were disobedient and disrespectful. The sins of our forefathers are upon us, but Esau brace yourself because the sins of YOUR forefathers are about to be visited on you and your descendants. We have endured for over 400 years your oppression and now is your turn, only Jacob will not fight but Yahusha their King, and Holy Lamb will deliver from the hands of the adversary as he did with Pharoah, who had his foot in the neck of the Hebrews and oppressed them.. Yah is not a respecter of persons, be offended if you wish For lack of knowledge my people are destroyed. Seek Yah for yourselves people stop being lazy, and trusting in man, study to show thyself approved. Learn about Yah and the rules of His household and how to conduct yourself in matters we may face.

  2. These girls are young !!!!!! and some people are more worried about what they have on than the message smh some people are so judgemental make sure your life is perfect and lined up before you judge smh im glad he has a good heart and stop to talk to those girls Good job!!!!

  3. Oh brother Emmanuel, you are giving the shortened edition of The Great Controversy. The important features – such as the Sanctuary message and the how the papacy falls into anti-Christ system has been removed. I do have a few of these "shortened" books. I keep them on hand to give to others – but one thing which is necessary is to make a note inside the book that there is a full book for the asking and the short one they received only gives general info.

  4. Thank you Emmanuel for this encouraging interview with young people. Thank you also for covering their nakedness with your editing skills. God be praised, their eyes and hearts be opened.

  5. The spanish flu ironically sprung up with the introduction of radar during WW1.
    Now with 5G being introduced, we have CV.
    Less than ironic, China launched their 5G program in October of 2019.
    Got electromagnetic field disruption?
    Look into it folks.
    Your bodies are full of metals and you're being pounded with microwave technology.
    Ever feel like a fork in a microwave?
    Pray the Lord come quickly.
    God bless

  6. Why is the RFID chip the mark of the beast? The AC doesn't need us to have an RFID chip to track or buy things. Look at Amazon store. You walk in and it scan your face and then takes money out of your bank. Why would the AC need OLD technology to buy and sell with an RFID chip? I believe it's about worship the AC and then he will give you the privilege as a gift (with a RFID or tattoo or something else as a MARK) to buy and sell if you worship him. That is what I understand from revelation chapter 13. I do not think the MARK OF THE BEAST will be here before the Antichrist. What do you guys think?


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