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  1. I listen Levi. How can one really believe in Jesus if they do not follow in what Jesus did and taught. Basically the flesh is going to fight against doing the works that Jesus did, but Levi brother be careful about targeting people even if they are evil or spreading false doctrines. Judgement is not ours to have unless it is over the widows and fatherless. Besides how can we attain forgiveness ourselves if we do not forgive others. Keep spreading truth from deception brother. Just don't become a target brother from targeting others. Even if they seem like a tare. I've met some of these guys btw and i always stumped them by asking how can you say you believe in Jesus if you don't follow what Jesus taught? I can say believe in gravity but if I don't follow the rules of gravity and walk off a cliff I'm gonna fall to my death. So how can you say you believe in Jesus and think if you don't follow his rules that your soul is not going to fall to it's death but an eternal death?

  2. Levi, THAT was thee BEST expounded explanation and description of the Apostate False Grace Gospel EVER BROTHER !! THANK YOU AND WILL SHARE WHEN AT THE APPOINTED TIME. BLESSINGS, YOU NAILED IT !!!! 💯


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