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  1. Isn't it just super cool how my tablet just all of a sudden disappears by blending the screen with the background? That's the best form of editing I done in a while lol… Also here is the new Controversy7 phone line, but only for serious inquiries, not for wasting time: (678) 215-9884

  2. My grandmother always said that if you get pregnant out of wedlock, you do not abort you baby because one, they didn't not even ask to be conceived and number two, that's the consequence of sinning…id rather have gotten an "accident" baby than to catch AIDS, or any of them STDs….but having children before marriage is one of the consequences u get when u commit adultery. I don't understand why they're always trying to twist things around?!! Why do they hate Yahweh (the one true God) so much!!!!??????? Why!? I don't understand😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  3. the WOMEN and the doctor's and anyone support the aboration will go hell I don't think it matters if they REPENT or not. if you take a child life then you have deal with GOD no matter what man says .. remember this if you support this behavior then you too will burn in HELL. this world is gone to hell its to late for us no going back now only go forward the BIBLE SAYS it will be like it is today. 1 more thing so call mother's that banned their CHILDREN so they can live their own life's you to will burn in LAKE OF fire .. yes you deserve to go to leave you baby's.

  4. I remember when I was little , We always sung a song . It goes like this , If you're happy and you know it say AMEN , if you're happy and you know it and you really want to show it , if you're happy and you know it say AMEN❗🤗 GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL . THERE IS GOING TO BE SOME JUDGEMENT UPON ALL WHO HURT CHILDREN❗🙏🌸🐑😇💕🙏🌷

  5. I don't know why they stopped there? They are soooooooooo obvious! Why not be allowed to euthanize your babies up to the age of 18? I am a mother of 8 and 22grandbabies , maybe I decide that's too many? Maybe I change my mind about having a big family. Maybe I hand out some arsenic cookies 🍪🍪? None of what I just wrote is any sicker than what they are already doing, abortion limits have steady climbed over the years soooooooooo, what I just said is not so farfetched after all!! Good thing I love my family!!!!!

  6. I watched this video late. But I wanted to let the controversy7 know something. He was talking about governing behavior which is correct. But there is a new action now that's trending, and it goes against sound principles of correct behavior in accordance with pregnancy. And it's called chem-sex. Thus chem sex is the practice of using some of these new age cocktails of drugs for the purpose of increasing libido and intense pleasure. If engaged in this in many instances those involved almost lose total control in the act. Even to the point of engaging in homosexual acts even if your straight. Though I would bring it up it's trending big time.

  7. When a woman gets raped and gets pregnant from being raped is on a whole nother level of actually carrying a child, then birthing a child, only to decide now that the child dies. The decision to carry a baby all the way till it's birth, then to murder it, is the epitome of evil.
    This opens the door to doctors delivering babies, to those who truly want them, deliberately murdering them, and then telling the parents, the babies died naturally at birth. Or something went wrong AT birth, causing the baby to die. This is demonic! From whose body will these sacrificed babies will come from?
    The poor? Black people?

  8. As a white man, I implore you to listen and act on what this gentleman says. “You can do this”, write it on the wall, your bathroom mirror, post on the fridge, but get out and know there are many such as I that are there for you. Download the app ‘Indeed Job Search’, it covers jobs everywhere…

  9. Men getting pregnant if my fondest fantasy. Bet your average man would have half a dozen abortions behind him by the time he's 30. The only reason abortion is controversial is because fetuses grow in womens' bodies and not mens'.


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