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  1. You right man in they said if we don't take it we gonna die but I'm not gonna die for nothing I'ma fight back that's what God wants us to do he just don't want us to sit there in just let them kill us without a fight

  2. DON'T eat PORK sounds Muslim. I am not a Muslim so I DO LOVE PORK, and God doesn't say you cannot eat PORK anywhere in the Bible, so I think that's personal to you CONTROVERSY7. I agree with you on some level not all. I also say 'prawns' are sea food and this is rich in Omega 3, and every thing you listed apart from Crocodile is fine, again the Bible it doesn't say anything against fish. Jesus in his real life story on you tube fed many with bread and fish! So again your personal choice is not to eat PORK or FISH that is fine, but it is NEVER MINE!

  3. God gives us free will to choose to treat our body as a temple and serve Jesus or do as you want. There is no gray area when it comes to eternity in heaven or hell. We are most loving to tell each other of the great news of Jesus Christ. I'm so glad to be used as a vessel of honor by God! I feel peace that is void without God! There is a feeling of love that you receive by worshipping Jesus! When you call upon Jesus, He will heal you and renew your heart and mind! I've never felt this feeling prior to serving God. It is a feeling of joy, comfort, peace, love, and contentment. You will never experience a love so full and pure w/ out Jesus.

  4. Exactly. However, while I won't take vaccine voluntarily, God is greater and I won't fear it if no choice. Nothing is greater than Jesus. But I won't seek it out EVER. Excellent points.

  5. God gave us all we needed to survive by way of plants for all kinds of illness and for our food as well. Humanity has killed or corrupted the seed of all these plants and thus gave us a death sentence thru pharmaceuticals! I would rather die at a younger age than to be a slave to big pharma and the poison and wealth they give and extract from all of us.

  6. Please pray for me. I'm trying to hang on to God's hand, but my job on the line. I've been through a lot! I'm trying to push my business, but it's slow… So I'm trying

  7. Sounds like your a seventh day Adventist, always trying to tell people how to eat; As long as your not eating snakes, bats ,and creepy stuff, you still make to heaven, you ever been to a Adventist picnic, I have, and you still leave hungery, no pun intended but that's your prerogative, and my prerogative!

  8. True that the united states is a HEATHEN NATION THESE DAYS and most wont reach for the door to rightousness= CHRIST. They will call his name after many years of torment and he wont hear any of them that did not LOVE HIM WITH ALL THEIR HEART, MIND AND SOUL. HE DID DIE IN FLESH FOR OUR SINS. I GAVE HIM A TRY AND IT WAS BEST MOVE EVER….

  9. I stopped eating meat and seafood like 5/6 years ago.. if people knew what they were eating when they buy meat from the grocery store or fast food places. omg no one would never eat any of it again.

  10. That's EXACTLY what I try to tell people.. etymology is so important to waking up and the sheeple really think things being called and banned what they are are just coincidences or random which couldn't be farther from the truth.

  11. Amen bro! I love indulging in your videos because it’s better than Church. You’re not doing this for money and prestige…you’re doing the Lord’s work for the sake of the souls of your brothers, sisters, and your own soul’s salvation.

    You tell the truth unfiltered and without worry of ridicule. I’ll always admire that, and continue to watch every video you make. You’ve already helped me so much with my walk with Christ. I’ve back-slidden a lot, but have come to terms with a lot, and I’m making much better progress being a child of God.

    Thanks you so much for being the messenger you have been. God bless you and your family.


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