And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? Revelation 13:4
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  1. Notice how back then people took stand to those who mocked jesus. Now it's so programmed to be "NATURAL" that nobody even pays attention. We shouldn't go by celebs anyways. Idolize no man and stick to your own life. Jesus is the way to god.

  2. Do you know that the outdoor escalator which descends into the circular opening "pit" (on the ground below the roof illuminati pyramid at the Israeli courthouse) is evil?The Rothchilds paid for and built with unrestricted access, an actual inversion of the holy cross of Jesus. Everyone who must descend the escalator walks on the Cross of Jesus. The pic was hard to find and I forgot to save it, but it's out there to be seen.

  3. Great video, Jesus Christ is our King, for those who don't understand start paying attention, don't be a dumbfounded sheeple in this world, I'm guilty for not reading the Bible like I should, but the Bible will show all truth!

  4. Strange the time for this video – 56min 36 sec – 5+6 “11” 3+6 “9” =9-11 satanist still get their bit in. – mind the predictive programming 96% of all we See – Read – Hear owned by 6 corporations Orchestrated by hierarchy zionists occult masons under the Jesuit umbrella – all forms of Governance are controlled by jesuits- universities- economies – military – judiciary. – puppet govts. – police. – media. – music. – movies. – theatre. – religions – health and well being – food. – water – and All resources – on the Face of this Earth imposter satan rules – need to put them in boxes – hang them high for the crows.- hell is their home.

  5. I'm not sure of ur name or who u r but I'm on the exact same page as u. Thank u 4 this video…I'll use it 2 try & further convince the brainwashed how deceivedthey r…. I'm saying the exact same things…i need community…I'm all alone in my discovery & i need like minded people that got out of it…i was in the NAR for 33yrs and didn't know it. The deception is so deep BUT, the counterfeit is so easy 2 disprove when The True Truth is The Foundation unraveling it! then there r people that just know it's all garbage so either way…i appreciate the support w examples of The True Deception And The True Truth debunking it all! !!! Ur helping people like me! Super bowl on rn…funny how things happen w celebrities deaths…right b4 big day…. Hmmm

  6. Weird it showed Juice Wrld in the foot locker commercial, who died a few months ago from drug overdose/ seizure while being searched by airport security , kicks a dead “zombie” and his daughter says is he dead? And he says no he ain’t dead is that a nod to him maybe faking his death or a foreshadowing of his death/sacrifice?

  7. It seems to me in the commercial with the demonic possession of the girl in green that it's showing going from order to chaos. From a room of rules, if you will, to a world of do as you will…

  8. I calculated the the number of the beast and I know exactly how 666 is arrived at and the exact equation that proves it.  333 + 333 = 666.

    Philadelphia is one of the 7 churches of Revelation was this Nations original capital. The Philadelphia Eagles won their first Superbowl in 2018. Philadelphia to Canton Ohio is exactly 333 miles as the crow flies.   
    Canton is where Marilyn Manson was born and is also home of the football Hall of Fame. Canton to Chicago is exactly 333 miles as the crow flies. This route from Philly to Chicago through Canton equals exactly 666 the root of the beast.   Chicago is where Anton Lavey published the satanic Bible the same year Manson was born, 1969. Manson and Lavey became friends after first meeting at Anton's "Black House" in San Francisco in 1995. This same year Manson released  the album Antichrist Superstar 4 years after he released the album Birth of the Antichrist. 

    Manson also shares his birthday with the Golden Gate bridge, a bridge made of Bethlehem Steel. 
    The number 333 has followed me my entire life. When I bought my last Motorcycle a decade ago I noticed 333 was engraved on the ignition key after I bought it. That's how I figured that you had to break 666 in half. My hometown Ft. Wayne is exactly 333 miles as the crow flies from  Metropolis Illinois, Superman's hometown.


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