My interview w/ Gonz and Basil on Canary Cry Radio:

Most Recent Space Fails (Flat Earth Brothers)

AETHEREAL: The Battle for Heaven and Earth –

Canaries Can’t Cry in Space: AI/aliens, Cosmic Heretics & Flat Earth



  1. Just noticing the supposed Astronaught on the ISS IS WEARING A WATCH!!?? That is fashion only! Absolutely unnecessary! Absolutely never happened! Absurdly dangerous in such an environment.obvious goof.

  2. yes the truth and life of our LORD had been attacked, by the mouth of those whom claim that JESUS was a product of Constantine the great ,or from the mouth of those like Dan Brown with his sneaky the davinci code ?? if course his books are entertaining …but sadly were wrotte with second intentions to feed the mind of the masses who deep inside are craving to fallow the false teachings they received in universities paid by those who belive in the false religion of satan ….

  3. Jesus said that his sheep's listen to His voice ,and fallow HIM ….you and others brought to the light these amazing truths and facts ,for the ones whom are Of The Lord awake to this beautiful reallity of the flat earth ,because is evident very evident that we are His creation ….of course bless be those whom without these truths have a deep faith that we were His creation .!!! because bleed be those that without not seem had belive ….

  4. it is so self evident for me ,that when I heard a airplane going abobe the sky the sound that the engine have a echoes that only can be produced by the celestial vault ,there is no other explanation ,but if anybody have one please let me know because it will help me to reconfirm that my observation is absolutely in no fault ….because any other idea or teaching about that echo will be only product of the false teachings of the system !!!!

  5. Will, thank you for the great work you do 👍 About finding the proverbial smoking gun, I came across the YouTube channel of Zachary Hubbard who's been exposing the controllers by using Gematria. He has an ebook called Letters And Numbers which I'm currently studying along in his Patreon channel. I would love to see you two collaborate on a video for his work. Would you consider it ?

  6. Being a canary cry listener and you being a guest on their show had me check out all you’ve done. Aethereal was fantastic and blew my lid wide open because I thought I had a grasp on what was what. I really enjoy the Christ centered research you do sir, keep it up and God bless my new brother.

  7. You did great brother. You did a good job concentrating as much as possible in a short talk. If anything I pray those whom listen to that interview go to your channel and dive in. Peace be with you brother. Grace grace

  8. WILL! The podcast was SO excellent! So rich! You have such a grasp of all of these subjects. (It was quite a feat to leave Basil & Gonz speechless! lol) It was great to hear you on the show with them… You have made a great connection and more collaborations hopefully to come. Even better than all of the topics, questions, musings, etc, the spirit of the entire conversation was brotherly and Graceful… and as you do in all of your videos, you bring it all to the point of everything. Connection to our Creator.

  9. Will,
    I have to say the interview was great. I do not see why you would hesitate in listening to it yourself?I do not think you were "all over the place" and the fact that all 3 of you showed so much respect for each other is a testament to the unity the gospel/truth can bring. I would like to think there may be more opportunities like this in the future and you would share them as you did this one. Thank you for your relentless dedication to share the truth of Christ.

  10. Glad to have you back! With the Tiger Dan "flip", Max Malone's YouTube disappearance, even "gatekeeper" AJ ban…I so prayed, you didn't join that cyber-martyred collection of Christian brothers now gone silent. I value your research, your commitment to Christ Jesus and continue on in full support of your message and OUTSTANDING "breakdowns". God bless you, brother💜

  11. Hey. I actually saw this video a couple of days ago which prompted me to hear the podcast episode you reference. I even seen some of your josh peck videos. I certainly see what you mean, about taking the word and try to have it fit our current understanding. I also that the word was written in a time long ago, and that it might have been the way to Express in that cultural reference something that we understand the nature of more nowadays. I am not here to debate that. But I am here to say that a why basil may have comed off as if making fun. I hope you take a look at his podcast the joyspiracy theory, specially his intro video. I think you'll see why he makes the commentary.

  12. Quanta =smallest divisible piece Discovered late 1800s finding light wasn't a continuous wave but came in tiny packets of energy , called Planck length or scale after discoverer


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