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  1. If you can’t tell your spouse, “hey we should limit our clothing to fit in our actual wardrobe” and have them understand/agree/discuss then you have a problem…

  2. Yeah, using the God-given gift of prophecy to try to get together with someone you like…
    On one hand, it’s impossible to know whether he’s telling the truth or not, and it’s almost pathetic if he is making it up.
    On the other hand, I’m wondering if that would actually work haha!

  3. For the first guy:
    A) maybe dont force your wife to confirm to your new found interest.
    B) you could suggest that she donate clothes she isn't wearing to make space for the new stuff.

  4. Yo Jordan and Josh I definitely should not have watched this while doing my makeup because I was curling my lashes (mine aren't curly so I gotta do what I gotta do ya know aha). And y'all I kind of forgot how fricking funny Jordan's Messages are and I almost ripped out my LASHES when Jordan read that one really funny prophetic dream messyge because I laughed so hard!!! Especially during the "Period. Comma. DON'T do that again.", my lashes are all good though but WOW what was close hahaha 😅😂

  5. My dad drempt one day many years ago that he was a kid again and he heard his friend was around so he told someone to go tell him to come here so they could talk again like old times but then they came back to tell my dad that his friend said he couldn't, he had to go and told them to tell my dad "bye" and the next day at church (Sunday) Dad heard the news that his friend just passed away (the same friend dad wanted to see in the dream.)

  6. I heard once that if you come from backgrounds where abuse is common you find it weird when people are very affective because you don't associate love with that kind of behavior

  7. I totally knew a homeschool family that was like this, with the siblings hugging and "stuff." The brothers would play with and braid their sisters' hair, sit close, give lingering hugs, etc. It definitely gave off an unsettling vibe.

  8. "it was self-delusion. it happens to the best of us." "even the people not in messylives think they're in messy lives." "that's the thing, it'sthe twilight zone. they think it's the messyzone. they think they're in a messylife, and then I have to alleviate their mind." "not everyone has a messylife but they think they do." I'm shook

  9. If you have a “prophetic dream” keep 👏🏾 it 👏🏾 to 👏🏾 yourself 👏🏾 until 👏🏾 it 👏🏾 actually 👏🏾 happens. Especially if you’re not even sure!! 💀😭 I’m not going to write an essay, but you don’t go and tell someone “hey, God told me that we (fill in the blank).” You’re taking matters into your own hands; don’t do that… please, please don’t do that. God bless ☺️👋🏾

  10. Jordan Taylor and/or Blimey Cow production studios hereby disavow any liability for mistakes and/or bad decisions made by the viewers of the show based on advice given by Jordan Taylor and/or Blimey Cow production studios.

  11. JORDAN!!! I had a (possibly prophetic) dream about you last night! In my dream, you were live streaming stand-up comedy. Your stand-up comedy set was legitimately the funniest set I'd ever heard (that probably sounds conceited, considering technically I came up with the set in my sleep) but, although you were clearly nervous, it was great! If you're worried about money like you mentioned in your recent "What I do for a living" video, why not try stand-up? What's the worst that could happen?


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