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This Is The Philippines BIGGEST PROBLEM in 2022


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  1. Just sad that the oil part could be better if our government would allow us to put out the oil that the USA can. Oh well if all goes well I should be in Cebu the first of April.

  2. Hi black Filipino. I love your channel.Been watching for quite some time.I too am from Queens New York. I grew up partially in your neighborhood. On 108th Avenue, across the tracks from the 40 projects ,which had a rough reputation even then.(1950s) Not like today,but for it's time it was pretty rough.The guys from the 40 projects used to jump the railroad tracks to see my sister and her friends. I went to P.S48 where the Q60 bus passes. I'm quite a bit older than you,probably older than your parents(78).I lived there when Guy Brewer Blvd was called New York Blvd. and before the Long Island railroad was elevated and ran locomotive trains. (we called them choo choo
    trains because of the sound they made and the puffs of black smoke they emiltted.)I wish I had known about the Filipines when I was younger ,or should I say I wish I was a lot younger.I would certainly move to the Philippines. I'm too old now and my health is not great,so I have to be content with living vicariously through you and other you tubers and vloggers.It's great to see western men finding love and happiness,because these western women are insufferable. Especially the sistas (oh,by the way,I'm black) I served in the military in Germany, learned to speak German and had a blast.However have never found love.Been married twice and had a fifty year relationship with another. All highly educated black women,and all of them had/have the same negative attributes.In your face disrespect, always have to be right,unaccountable for their actions and always have to have the last word. At first I thought it was a product of their education,but then I found even the ones with lesser education acted the same way.I thought it was me so I did some introspection.Then with the advent of the internet,I saw that I was not alone in my negative experiences.I had been with women of other races and ethnicities but have only had these negative experiences with black women (not all)Anyway,enough of my rant.Peace and love to you and Kay,and to all the men,white and black,from all countries, that have found love in the Philippines.
    P.S. My wife told me that she has siblings somewhere in the Philippines, because her father was a merchant marine and had fathered a child/or children there back in day..It was was nice taking a walk down memory lane (my exercise for the day 😄)

  3. By opening up the PH, it will help solve the unemployment problem as foreigners start bringing in money to the PH. But, they will have to ease restrictions if they want more people to come in and start spending money.

  4. Maybe inflation is a good thing for the Philippines. Hopefully the Philippine government will ease up on the entry requirements to the country (since COVID is less of a threat than what it used to be) and give expats the option to extend their vacation visas when they arrive.

  5. #1 I definitely won't return to Philippines till at least 2023 or 2024. I've already been there twice and I already know that they were teetering on the edge back in 2019. Now, things are just worse. Every social stressor has worsened: poverty (means more people soliciting you when you walk the streets) and the desperation increased which means it's more likely you could have an issue with robbery or scamming – and as J points out, the scamming has gotten more dangerous.

    #2 The price of living has increased. What good is going there if it costs more? The living expenses to rent a condo are way up…my last condo was $15 a DAY (Grass Residence in Quezon City) and had all the amenities I needed. Hotel prices in the area are up as well. I could wait till their prices drop.

    #3 Who wants to visit a tropical island chain just to be forced to wear masks?
    Or – who wants to be there if you don't have full freedom of movement?
    Or – what happens when their logistics breaks down or businesses/services aren't available suddenly?

    Personally, I can wait.

    This year's travel budget for me was $6000. I have a business class flight to Maldives on Emirates coming up for Spring Break. 45 days left to wheels up.

    I salute J for these videos. He's got what I wish I had – he's established there. I can't make that move right now.

  6. Yo Jay! What's up man? Can you school some Americans, who have this notion that Duterte is some sort of monster. They're comparing him to other past dictators like Hitler and to modern dictators like Maduro. Do foreigners in any ways, feel unsafe or feel unwelcome there in the Philippines, because of Duterte? 🤔
    Btw, what's up Kay! 👋🏼

  7. I feel for the people of the Philippines facing higher prices. Speaking for myself, I'd rather face inflation in the Philippines than here in the States. My passport arrived today and now I can look for my tickets in earnest now. You and Kay have a good week and stay safe.


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