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  2. Stopped watching video at 5:13. I believe in law and order. I support Blue Lives. Saying all police are against the people is quite a generalization. I love your channel but have to disagree with that statement.

  3. I think your videos would be better without the music, it's unessessary the information is strong enough on its own the music is distracting god bless thanks for the work

  4. Hey Im curious, why do you keep mentioning Jesus when thats not the correct way to address Yahshua Hamashiach. I believe calling Yahshua Jesus is very disrespectful. I know we aren't perfect but maybe try to mention his true real name. Which is Yahshua Hamashiach and of course Yahweh our lord. Maybe you should look into where the whole ''jesus'' name originated from because clearly that's not who died of our sins! I'm more than positive the whole jesus christ was created by Catholicism. You have a large following and perhaps you should start correcting this so it doesnt create confusion. I hope i dont sound rude. That's not the intention here but Jesus Christ and Yahshua Hamashiach are two different people and only one of them is our true savior; and that's Yahshua!

  5. what a strange thing..!! Do you know that I found most of what you just talked about is similarly mentioned in Islam holy book? with more details and description of earth final days..!! I love when I found common facts among religions.. it means that it is all from the same source but with different version and timing. This is a very nice touching speech.

  6. pray for my gransons the government took them in the workers received $2,000 text freestyle that they took only they had to have so many kids for the government funding they took my grandson's then I'm a taxpayer and I earned the right to see him grow up and I don't know where they are I pray that they're not going to be walking around with his spiritual wickedness thought of me I pray that God will have them one day and wipe the tears from their eyes because it's only God that can do the impossible it's only God that can turn back the clock you understand. Please pray for them Andrew Elijah Dominic and Vinny Ryder an Acer

  7. To those who gave the thumbs downs why did you watch the video in this world who ever stands for the truth is always hated by the world but that never stop the children of Elohim YAHWEH from proclaiming the truth, to the haters Luke 6:26 to the children of Yahweh Luke 6:22,23 thanks for the video controversy 7

  8. Criminals & Godlessness being instigated against the president and Law abiding citisens. Calling for Open Season against White people & targeting Homes with an American Flag. You're a racist too! I'm unsubscribing from this channel.

  9. God bless you Emmanuel. I come with the word of the Lord. Make way for Yave! Ezekiel 34 is his word. This is for the lost. May the spirit of God in Jesus Christ name with the power of the holy angels interpreted by the holy spirit and the peace of god be with you all.

  10. The Controversy 7:
    It is not doubtful that FEET and TOES saddle to second advent.
    There is need we separate the feet from the toes.
    Second advent will happen in the days of the toes- Daniel 2:44-45.
    In the same way, time period for the end is different from those of FEET.
    Again, end time events will start when the fourth seal is opened.
    When this happens, four dreadful judgments of Almighty God will be falling upon the world.
    During this time, gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the world.
    Gospel of the kingdom is called three angels' message in Revelation 14:

  11. I also recognize that it is God who changes every brain cell to SEE what was not seen before. It is impossible for most narcissists to say sorry for the harsh words and deeds done under the influence of Satan's demons, BUT I KNOW THAT GOD CAN DO THIS!!! What a mighty testimony to the power of God in a person's life!!! Praise God, the God of the Impossible!!!!!

  12. PLEASE pray for a mighty miracle that the mother (Vanessa) of my 3 grandchildren, who has suffered from severe mental illnesses where she is violent toward others, since childhood, that she WILL be reached by God in dreams and visions, so much so that she HAS to tell others that God is speaking to her to change her life and mental health, to love her children and the father of them, who lives with her and them. Please pray that this is a sincere conversion right up to Jesus's coming, and for my son, Chris, the father who endures her violence in words and actions. He does so for his babies!!! May God's great name be forever blessed for this mighty miracle!!!Thank you.


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