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  1. As the "CLIMATE CHANGE" excuse for SUNDAY LAW LEGISLATION continues, the world is being blinded to the fact that History repeats itself. We do more damage to ourselves when we refuse to study the past. My precious Father in Heaven said in Ec 1:9(KJV)"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun". The close of human Probation is at hand, and time is no longer available. Jesus the Messiah YESHUA of Nazareth is coming, and His coming is imminent. Hold on and Stay strong in the faith.

  2. Sabbath…shabbot is saturday…but some shall not make it into rest……the sabbath is everday were to observe the elohim abba….1 day is a reminder that everday is Holy……quedosh

  3. I enjoyed this video very much, I would like to correct you if I may. With all due respect.
    Our Creator doesn't follow a man made calendar. Especially one made by a false pope.
    pope gregory = gregorian calendar
    Therefore the Sabbath day is NOT Saturday.
    The Sabbath is determined by the phases of the moon, like we are told in Scripture…
    Please visit this website
    All praise goes to the Most High! Creator of heaven and earth!
    Thank you Heavenly Father.

  4. Good word tho you have the Holy spirt and you have eyes that see ears that hear , ) but you're speach is no longer clear. You're hard to understand , please practice just alittle.

  5. Will be will be . Almost half of the sermon you're just repeating you're self because you dont practice it before you give it. ( its,its, its, its , ) I use to student my hole life . I understand what you're doing you're wore out and you havent whent over what you're saying so you're more prepared. And clear , because you with practice you would be clearer.

  6. You seem to be trying to over explain at times . You're Being a light and the salt , but you're over explaing , you seem to be over welmed by All you're teaching researching , you dont really sit douwn and go over what you're going to say so you're not ( Warmed up ) so you stuttering , and not clear you are trying to figiure out what you're going to say , ) please go over what you're going to say. You use to be more clear. You're actually makeing me dizzy. and feeling like you know what you're saying and teaching really good , but you definitely need to practice you're speach a couple times stop rushing . So you can keep peoples atention . And so they can understand with clarity what you're saying . Love you my brouther in Christ . Watch you're own video . You have spots like when you say climate climate climate, and you keep talking like this if you practice you're s. Sermon ( if if if . ) you dont usualy that's that's that's, you keep doing this . ( For for for , ) (they ,they , ) there minds are being stered there hearts are being stired there hearts are being stired .) ( They dont want Jesus to come, they dont want Yeshua to come .

  7. Hi 👋🏽 Theo, I like your Work.Very important what you bring to consciousness ❣️❣️❣️
    Ratzinger had to step back, on his Popthrone.Because he is also part of Childmissues . But the Popp can’t go infront of Cord. So they retired him and this Frances is just a Puppet on the String . From the rulers of the Vatican Bank 🏦 and Mafia.
    Please look in what the Norway Gouvernement, is downing with the Children Rights. So Government is higher then the Family. So if you don’t breastfeed enough, they take your Baby away. So corona virus 🦠 is taking in Europe all attention, to bring through this new Law in Europe. Without any one ☝🏾 getting it. Greta Turnberg is from Norway 🇳🇴 they had there attention on this Bad girl and nobody noticed.
    It’s a total nightmare !!!!!
    Please become aware, very important. ✌🏽👌🏿🙏🏾Love ❤️ you Ma Hatchiko 🌹👩🏾‍🌾

  8. Besides the 'two' Popes, what about "Black Pope", and the "Grey Pope", supposedly representing the 13 Papal bloodlines, and over the Black and White Popes?

    You are an excellent decoder, one of the best, up there with Russianvids and Enterthestars (my two favorites). Thank you sir!

  9. The "Simsons" don't "predict" anything, the writers who write the "Simsons" plan theses things thus, able to "predict" them.
    When you flat out and say they "predict" makes them seem special somehow.
    These are snakes, "Wells without water to be taken and destroyed"!
    Amen !

  10. Thank-you for all your truth-filled video’s, I really enjoy them & the clarity you provided about Saturday as the real 7th day, is really needed! The churches have really got that wrong for such a long time, (and so many other things too!). God bless you dear brother:) 🙏🏼🥰

  11. TV’s are their Scrying mirrors ! Helping to seat these ideas of future events in the mind of the masses , this gives them power to further these events / agendas . Also note our US government brought these people in under Operation PAPERCLIP …. so much to tie together and sadly it all makes perfect sense ✌️🙏 Have NO FEAR , that’s what feeds them !

  12. as corny as this might sound to the majority of the world, but i think the bible is a story depicting messages from God to men in a harrowing attempt to get the attention of the non-believers to realize the bible is right on Q with the end of this world, a book of true future events However this man is speaking the truth! if you don't believe JESUS will return or have FAITH in GOD… right there the DEVIL just deceived you… WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  13. My brother continue give us information everything you are saying is true but people seem to have plug on there ears they are being fooled but just most of them,I wish people will pay attention before its to late I believe you, May Yeshua bless you and your family time is short he coming just remember Gods time is not our time and your time is not Gods Yeshua is the way I just hope people would listen before is to late ,people open your eyes and see what is going on around that the enemy don't want you to see and hear and know don't let them trap you with lies May God Bless you all in Yeshua our messiah our prince of peace name amen.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😁

  14. You all are missing the point here. When you talk about yeshua coming, you are responding to all these happenings which occurs virtually in every 2 Centuries and make people think that the world is coming to an end.
    There will be no rapture and Yeshua is not coming back, except and Only if you can answer these 3 questions.

    1) Is it possible that He expected his Messianic kingdom to be established on earth within his own generation?

    2) Is it possible that Yeshua thought that the end of the world was imminent (possible) because of the fulfillment of prophecy?
    3) Is it possible that what Christians teach is yet to come has already happened?
    You need to search thoroughly your bible and don't make assumptions, by always thinking in the perspective of the READER instead of you all to start seeing things in the perspective of the SPEAKER himself. And these messages were not to be taken to the gentiles (Europeans= sons of Japhet, or white race) according to "Matthew 10vs5". These same people took the message, sold you a lie called Christianity and you believed it. These are not my words, but the bible says so. Because same Jesus told his disciples that many of them will not die before all the prophecies are fulfilled. They will not see death, so tell me, if you think that Yeshua or Jesus of 2000+ years ago was referring to this current generation, then you all are totally wasting your valuable time. If you say that the so called Bible is the infallible and unchanged word of God, then you should know that he had already come not for everyone, but for a certain people 2000+ years ago. The indoctrination of the Christian faith is so powerful that it hypnotizes its practitioners. I was in your shoes once before, believing that the book whose stories were compiled over 2000 years ago was written for my present generation. You kept living a lie in a delusionary mindset. The same Jesus who was vast and learned in the ways, culture and traditions of ancient black Egypt, have you ever thought of it why all the progenitors of Religions (Christianity and Islam) = (Jesus and Moses) emerge from Egypt? They grew up in Egypt, were trained and vast in the ways of the ancient Africans. Which was later invaded by the Greeks and Romans. Sometimes I wonder when you people say God God God and you don't know God, and you look up to the sky, yet you don't understand that the god every worship and talked about when you look up in the sky is the Sun☀. (Psalms 84 vs 11). The bible was copied from the ancient texts of the Egyptians. This was why even Jesus always refer to the written texts by the prophets, who were originals called Priests. Because the whole of Egypt and entire middle east was part of the Black Continent (Afirika) at a point in time, before the invasion by the sons of White race. They divided family members and renamed named their entire geographical location, calling it the Middle East. Such as the place called Israel today was created by the Europeans in 1946, they invaded the black people's territory and established a colony or an Empire called Israel, just like they did all over the world. These same people will not stop until they dominate the entire globe. Israel is nothing but a bunch of European elites, extorting the rest of the world by claiming to be special and superior with the support of all the European league of nations. The so called 10 commandments also was copied from the 42 Laws of Ma'at in ancient Egypt. Look it up for yourself and find out the truth. You people don't know the history of what you follow and believe in, this is why they always tell you that Egypt is a place of doom and sin, because they vowed to keep the truth from you the Children of the Sun☀/ God as you call it. Every story in the bible was circulated around Africa, from Genesis- Garden of Eden – Birth of Jesus- The boat of Nu'ankh, which was called Noah. What a propaganda by those who always want to keep you under. Even the 'Cross' was invented and taken from the 'Ankh'.
    They invaded your territory with an agenda to suppress and rule you over, by a method called Christianity. Created by the European highest order of the Freemasonry. They sent their delegates into every black nation to brainwash them and get them hypnotized. These delegates had a very strong mission to mislead the children of 'RA' , meaning Light. That which was derived from the Sun☀, and they called it SUN RAY. These same delegates come with a general name known as missionaries, spreading the News to tarnish the image of the African ancestry, whereby calling it the good news so that it could sound so welcoming in the ears of the children of the Sun☀. While they give reports back home to their superiors in europe, about the landmarks and locations on how to invade and control the descendants. And this is what led totally to the fall of the greatest empires on earth (AFRICA, or The Great ATLANTIS). Because they were too loving, they turned the other cheek, which led to their downfall and destruction. Christianity takes away your Spirituality, and turns you into a servitude state of mind.
    These people changed your history and narratives by putting themselves at the fore front of it all.
    Wake up from your sleeping ignorance of religion. My native family.

  15. Your right the OSAS people think following gods commandments. Are works. I am not 7th day Adventist but i now believe through scripture that sat IS the sabbath. . Look up diff of Christian believers and 7 day Adventist. I could basically only find the sabbath day diff. They have had it right all along but were criticized forever because of it. Blessings

  16. Your title: "This isn't a Coincidence! Look at these pics CLOSELY! The SIMPSONS & History Predicted GRETA"

    Isn't there the possibility that the 'authorities', etc., are just mirroring the cartoon and what it's doing?

  17. The true Sabbath is not every Saturday nor Sunday. I appreciate this teaching but saturday is saturn worship day like sunday is sun worship day. the true Sabbath is determined by the Creators true calander, by the Heavens clock.
    Genesis 1:14, And God said, "Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years.
    Our Georgian calendar is not correct with Gods calendar so saturday is not the exact 7th day, the Sabbath will fall on different days of the week. God tells us to search out a matter, to test all things. I have searched out the Sabbath day truth after I seen it supposed to be on saturday (saturn worship day) and sunday(sun worship day). Our calendar was created by the vatican so I say everyone search out this matter of saturday or sunday being the true Sabbath because it matters that we get it right. Some days it will be on saturday and some sunday but they are not every 7th day.

    I am not trolling this guy because I learn a lot from him but he must search out this matter regarding the true day of the Sabbath. The sun, moon, and stars sheweth knowledge and declares Gods glorious handywork.

  18. i cant praise God enough for the internet i know a lot of Adventist is loosing faith and dont believe in the sabbath anymore and they argue a lot about it i dont think its a coincidence that i came across your video and you give a clear view about those who break the sabbath will have the forth plague, God will use the sun to destroy them what a revelation keep up the good work brother for by lack of knowledge people perish


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