Decode the PROPHETIC LANGUAGE of the LAST DAYS | Larry Sparks and Lindsay Roberts

The Bible makes it clear that there is a prophetic, supernatural language that the Holy Spirit releases into the Earth during the last days. Since the Day of Pentecost, we have been technically living in the “last days.”

In order for us to walk in clarity and victory, we need to tune our eyes and ears into the language of Heaven. In this timely discussion, Lindsay Roberts shares powerful insight how the Holy Spirit has been speaking to her in recent years!



  1. all the Lord said thru a lady on Sid Roth and she said my name and where I was and what I was doing. The Lord said he would heal me and restore me if I would trust him. I do trust him but I'm still waiting.

  2. I was going to give up and then saw your program and yes according your prayer I do believe, I claim , IDE fee prosperity and deliverance made whole and and aligned to the prophecy words and word of promises from the word of God💕🙏🛐✝️🫶🌟😇

  3. LOL you're missing part of it the miracle was in the Jordan he is saying that it Jordan can speak miracles into people's lives she is receiving the gift to speak miracles into people's lives.


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