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  1. Please pray for me. I am a believer but, I struggle with lust and cursing. And I do want it to stop. Will work more I’m praying a lot more and reading my word even more. But, I can use some serious prayer. And it’s in my head I don’t do the acts but my struggle is my mind.

  2. Praise The Holy Father for His Unconditional Love, Grace And Mercy In Jesus Christ our Lord, 🙏we pray that You , Our Holy Father Keep us and never let us fall away from You our Father, In Jesus Christ our Lord And Saviour we pray Amen❤💕

  3. TAKING THE SHOT FINALLY EXPOSED: Why does Trump want to see everyone take the shot?

    That’s because he’s a satan’s minion and Mossad’s poodle.

    Here's the thing: The coronavirus is just a means to an end. The end is to give the masses shots. That way, the masses are a ‘satellite’ to the 5G radiation.

    Whatever for ? Anyone remember the Hollywood movie ‘The Purge’ telling the story of social unrest where everyone is killing each other then the NWO steps in to bring peace?

    The scary thing is, not only was it predictive programming but also the CIA treated ‘Operation Crimson Mist’ (1994) as a trial run for a purge to usher in the NWO. For those who don’t know ‘Operation Crimson Mist’ was the genocide in Rwanda, when Hutus and Tutsis were hacking each other to death that resulted in millions being killed. It is said that people who take shots are augmented to radiation that can control their brain waves, hence mind. In other words, They have the technology to make an individuals kill another. Interestingly, the same technique is used for Manchurian candidates but that is another story…..Btw. now you know why all hate groups are kept at the forefront

    Here’s the kicker: Just as Mossad were the ones behind the Rwanda massacre and 9/11 so too Mossad is going to the dirty on American. But will they get away with it this time?

    I end with: Hey Zionist State of Israel! You’re finished! …….You’re finished! ……You’re finished!

  4. My friend like you videos but k dont think is still the last days remember we have tl search for the CREATOR. we have to let go of emotions . There will be the day people will want to die but dead will not be found . So we know we are not to be afraid of dead is supose to be celebrations like the ancestors

  5. Hello Emmanuel,
    I have been watching your channel for quite some time now, I have came to the realization that you are a false prophet. You Emmanuel have made many MANY predictions that have not came to pass. Wasn’t it you that have told us to and I quote “mark your words” yet no fruit was bore. There are many families children that watch your channel and are misguided by your words, I am a believer of Jesus Christ and I do appreciate that you are spreading the gospel, what I don’t appreciate is your misinformation due to a lack of knowledge, in the end it comes of as fear mongering

    Thank you

  6. Pope say people must quarantine themselves against the virus ; if you quarantine yourself you except the mark of the beast if you refuse to quarantine yourself ; you must go to jail ;thats what the gonna do hear in South Africa.


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