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  1. Thank you I have kinda been struggling with some stuff and just today I had said that I was feeling lost. So thank you. And I have a question if we do something wrong and we repent and then mess up again are we sinning by repenting? When I mess up I feel bad and I say sorry am I wrong to do that? Please help me to understand better

  2. The craziest thing to my understanding is that Jesus Christ has been doing miracles in people's lives for years, but soon as a new cult/church teaching another name for God comes along, they'll change horses in the middle of their streams. Matt 13: 18-34

  3. Jesus Christ is our Sabbath Rest. The Sabbath exactly did teach His chosen people, The Hebrews, that they could not work their way to salvation, we have to rest in Jesus Christ. Not one is righteous. The Sabbath was fulfilled on the day He died on the cross and His blood atoned for our sins, by the way our sins in past, present and future. Jesus Christ do not need to atone for our sins today in a Heavenly Sanctuary, which is just another unique and also false doctrine of SDA. He did that, and actually you think much too little of God, when you believe, that His Only Begotten Son's blood on the cross is not sufficient atonement. In my view, that's nothing short of being the ultimate blasphemy of Jesus Christ and His great sacrifice for our salvation.

    And, by the way, Jesus Christ DID NOT keep the Sabbath! He continuously broke the Sabbath, which actually was His key dispute with the legalistic Pharisees, just read Luke and Mark, for instance. He continuously healed people on The Sabbath, which was the first controversy between Him and the Pharisees, you know the people He among other things named Synagogue of Satan. Funny enough, SDA talks about The Big Controversy, but you really take the legalistic and also Judaizing stance of the Pharisees against Jesus Christ. You do not rest in your faith in Jesus Christ alone, but instead in legalism.

    The 10 Commandments is not the first or even the most important commandments in the Bible, and this is with the words of Jesus Christ: The first and most important commandment is to love God more than you love life itself and the second is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. All other laws should be maintained and understand in the light of those commandments, and if you don't you are in danger of becoming as heartless as the legalistic Pharisees, who seriously would deny a blind man, a woman crippled with arthritis most likely and a paralyzed man for 38 years any healing, because they set the law over love for their neighbors and also God. Remember, these legalists were the ones, who in the end schemed to get their long awaited Messiah in essence murdered! Jesus Christ is my Sabbath Rest!

  4. Come to know the one that is sending him. The one to be worshipped is the one without begginning or end the one that is everlasting the one that provides its power to the Lion lamb.

  5. I walk with you on everything but on the part of the Angel's not understanding the law reguarding faith I oppose that with all do respect now maybe I'm not understanding what you mean but GODS law and commandments are his word and he is his word so how wouldn't the Holy angels know about faith now I believe that it was brought new to them when GOD brought Christ Jesus to be a example of faith, understanding that what happens on earth is the manifestation of what has already happened first in the spirit realm.. to believe in Christ Jesus you have to have faith and they are clearly ordered to do a thing by Christ Jesus as there commander and Chief and they are known as ministering spirits they also know faith in order for them to minister it.. but again im with you on the other things brother it was just this part.. but nevertheless I love you brother and continue in the faith of the Lord.. enjoy your day..

  6. Follow this link ( ) to see their plans written out in plain English using language such as "We are the 'MUSCLE' for a new generation of United Nations Country Teams (UNCTs) and Resident Coordinators" and "Accelerating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 2030 Agenda means GETTING THE RIGHT ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND ENVIROMENTAL POLICIES IN PLACE AND TAKING THEM TO SCALE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Societies, worldwide, must come together now to implement sustainable and transformative initiatives that include integrated policies informed by a rights based agenda.And, the most telling quote of all – “It is abundantly clear that a MUCH DEEPER, FASTER AND MORE AMBITIOUS RESPONSE IS NEEDED TO UNLEASH THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION NEEDED TO ACHIEVE OUR 2030 GOALS.” – United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres.

    This is the real deal people. Repent and believe on the Maker of heaven and earth to save you from your sins! He forewarned us of this day, and now it is dawning.

  7. My friend you and l
    Dont have a choice.

    If I say I knew a Antichrist
    And I read a lot
    The biblevand other books about a savior.
    You have to see that the hoky spirit
    Is holy
    Llok around

    Holy spirit
    She is beeing slowly removed
    Ancrhist false download of voice to scull AI serpent,GOSPEL


  8. DAVID GOLDBERG FINALLY EXPOSED: Why was he taken out?

     Here's the thing: Not only JFK exposed a zionist plot to infect the world with a virus and zombify the masses with vacines and drugs, {which is why the Illuminati took him out JFK} but also a famous late business man David Goldberg who was unlike his friend Mark Zuckerberg – the CIA sellout, exposed how a virus would shut down countries and national blackouts would act as a smokescreen for an Israeli military operation.

    Could it be that the Deep Zionist state dispatch an army equipped with the latest technology to take over Syria, Iraq, Iran, Northern Saudis Arabia and the Sinai Peninsula. And if that is not bad enough, the Deep Zionist state (perhaps Mossad), during the blackout would purge anyone who made anti-Zionists comments on Facebook or even on YouTube. Btw. Some people are of the opinion that Zuckerberg is a son of a Rockefella – (To be verified).

     How do you think the internet is called the WWW – The World Wide Web? Just as a spider catches a prey using a web, the zionist would catch and purge you with the WWW. Speaking of WWW, what do you see? ….Three Ws? What do you see when you turn it 270 degrees to the right? ….a three right?….3 plus 3 plus 3= nine right? Or 3 times 3 times 3 = 27 and 2 plus 7 = nine right? ….In other words, two nines or two inverted sixes. So yeah, there’s your two 6s for you. What is more, the number 333 is the name of the demon ‘ choronzon’ that Aleister Crowley worshipped….Creepy huh?

    Here's the kicker:

    In David Goldberg's final video before his death, he reveals two classified projects underway – Project Pogo & Project Zephyr.  Project Pogo concerns tracking individuals who pose a threat to the government and Zionist Deep State. Project Zephyr concerns blackouts to get the public used to them. Then a huge nationwide blackout during which high value individuals would be abducted/killed. Others, who are seen as less of a threat, would be eliminated via a virus. Possibly during the winter, blaming it on a virus. The consequence of this is to stifle American free speech and the chilling plans scheduled for 2020/2021 that will result in the "extermination" of tens of millions of Americans. Updated video here with David's personal notes:

  9. You Controversy,have no clue who the true God is nor who His Son is.The apostle Paul teaches us very clearly that Christ Jesus is the savior of the whole creation….not just a supposed few who make some freewilled choice to believe in Jesus…..which makes YOU your own savior.God does not operate independant of mans choices.He operates according to the counsel of His own will and intentions.God created Christ as His perfect image so that He could show mankind who He is.The reason? Because God the Father is inaudible and invisible….because He IS spirit! Jesus Christ is not a second person in some so called pagan trinity…..He is the SON of God and is the perfect image of His Father. Jesus gives His body HIS faith…..its not our own faith….and the truth will not be shown to you unless God and Christ chose you and and designated you before the disruption of the world…..and you need to understand the truth about Jesus Christ and who He really is


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