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  1. You are so wrong, tentions are high because Trump is in office and the criminal politicians are going to lose their power and are getting exposed everyday. Sit back and clear your mind, then you will see clear.

  2. Remember Mad magazine.? A sister Mag same time period called "CRACKED" look up cracked 1975 cover……..UMM…And e l u m a knot e playing cards early 90's even stranger. Charismatic leader…….LV most everything

  3. Of course it's staged. WW3 has already started. Look up Albert pike letters about 3W war's. The USA started it after 911. N Keroe is the only place in the world that hasn't a rochchilds bank in it. It's free they don't need anything of any other country. They owe NOTHING. Well not for long leave it to the USA to fu@k up!!!

  4. Hey dud, you are definitely not from America. You have some real problems with conspiracy, citizenship, and maybe your not a citizen. Many have these fears, it's Okay. As someone that has served in the military and been on the DMZ in Korea you are making tons of assumptions about this country and our leaders. There are many issue's confronting the USA. You need to have faith that as Americans we watch each other's backs. You don't take things for granted but verify and validated everything our leaders say and do. It called accountability, and yes Obama has screwed the country and now he needs to be held accountable. Which means it he has committed treason then he and all that was with him will be going to prison or worse………

  5. They keep pushing this narrative to fulfill their agenda of total world censorship. They don't need to implant us w/microchips because they have already developed nano technology and have been dispersing it world-wide with chem trails. I know things that'll blow your mind away.


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