In this episode of Mike Bickle Responds, we dig into the conversation around the value of studying the End-Times. This video was shot in early February of this year and we thought this would be a good time to release it. The current climate we find ourselves in has many evaluating their understanding and knowledge of the Biblical End-Times narrative.

Watch as Mike Bickle unpacks his perspective on why we should know and understand the 150 chapters in the Bible about the End-Times.


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  1. IHOP KC Wor ship..
    Pastor mikle
    Hello estudar em Ihop KC
    Fábio Brazil e UEIA
    Aguardando seu feed beek.
    É da direção e dos diretores e
    Pastor Maike blilke .
    Salmosém família
    God bless you Fábio

  2. Now Mike drinks tea and talking about social distance…. sad. Btw , if you think , I am hater- no, actually Mike was the first because of whom I got interested in eschatology and his teaching was great. But now Mike is strangely silent . Mike, where is your deep insight on harlot Babylon and so on? May I have old Mike back ? Thanks.

  3. (The 4 negative responses) F.O.L.D. Fear, offense, lust, deception. (read God's word in the old and new testament). Don't succumb to a false narrative. Prepare yourself in TRUTH. In God's word. Thanks Mike! P.s. Amen! Thanks for the prayer.

  4. I'm 19 and felt deeply called to the topic of the end times for about 3 years. When he said, "in my generation no one talks about this stuff." It's so sad and frustrating even. It can be hard to show you have interest in this. I've been told many times to "focus on something else" all that being said bc I talk a lot sorry lol I deeply appreciate your church and it's honesty not just with teachings but also music! I so appreciate ur guidance💗

  5. FOLD: Man Based (Fear, Offense, Lust, Deception) Jesus Founded (Faith, Obedience, Love, Discernment). Will we FOLD as Victims or Will we be in the FOLD as Victors.

  6. May we all sit at the Feet Of Jesus and HEAR what Jesus says about His COMING and once we HEAR what Jesus says about His COMING may we all then BELIEVE what Jesus says about His COMING and then REPEAT Word for Word what Jesus says about His COMING so that we are Always Teaching what Jesus said 100%!
    Imagine what the Body of Christ would be like if all did what is mentioned above!
    Then we would all have One Doctrine on End Times and Christs COMING and that One Doctrine would be what Jesus Taught!
    It is No Different with Paul as Paul Taught the Same Doctrine as Jesus!
    Jesus taught Paul!

  7. "False social narrative" is a "False prophet"
    Got a Bible verse for that? Something maybe Jesus said?
    Do you make stuff up? Never mind.

    Name some false prophets, heretics, wolves in sheep clothing – Mike.

    Quit men and seek God people.


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