A large demonstration took place on Saturday, September 17 in Montreal. Thousands of Quebecers gathered in a show of solidarity. But what were they protesting against?

Many worrisome reasons brought people together on this day, such as inflation, the upcoming elections, the COVID measures that are still in place, the public and independent inquiry that people are still demanding into care homes, and much more.

This summer, the demonstrations were almost non-existent. But as fall approaches, people wanted to send a message to the government that they remember what happened during the past two years, and to demonstrate their fear that COVID measures will return.

On the same day, several other demonstrations were held across Canada in honor of the ninth edition of the World Wide Rally for Freedom.

You can watch Selene Galas’ report from Calgary here:

Or watch Tabitha’s interview with Maxime Bernier, who was at the Toronto rally:

The health measures have not been entirely lifted, and Canadians are demanding their freedom. Their freedom of expression, to travel and move freely without hindrance, their freedom to practice their jobs without medical coercion, and more.

The presence of François Almalega, a freedom fighter for Quebec, was also noticed. He mentioned that “It is important for us to tell François Legault that we have not forgotten all what happened’.” A day that was once again strong in energy.

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