Heliosorcery (2022) | Exposing the Occult Origins of Heliocentrism | Full Documentary – https://youtu.be/crasHY5HCdI

Through Galileo’s Telescope (1933) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwY00aykjC4

MUSIC: “In the Firmament” (by Josh) https://soundcloud.com/sonicrevelation/in-the-firmament

Von Mises – Repeat – https://youtu.be/R71Uy0i44aw?t=2046

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  1. Big shout-out and thank you to Josh, for letting me use his original song "In the Firmament", which you can find here: https://soundcloud.com/sonicrevelation/in-the-firmament (along with many other awesome tracks)

    Also HUGE props to Chris Sparks for making the Heliosorcery documentary. Praying that God will use it to open many hearts/eyes to the beautiful and SIMPLE truths of Scripture. You can find more of his work at – https://www.youtube.com/@earthenvesselsministry and https://www.earthenvessels.org.au/

  2. God bless you, Will! Beautiful and very powerful video, every second of it! I always look for your videos cause now they don't show up like they used to… I've been following you dor years and you are my most cherished one, the one I always look forward to watching. Thank you.

  3. Can you answer my burning question. It’s for you Truth…. I have been commenting here and there for a long time asking you about the music I hear when I listen to you. Are you performing it? I can tell whoever made this music plays both drums and guitar. As a musician I would like to know. Is it you? And if you choose to answer my next question, what is your process. This second question can be ignored because it is personal. Please just answer yea or no if you only wish to appease my interest in the latter. Thankyou for what you do. Inspirational beyond words

  4. The Heliosorcery documentary is well worth watching. It is well-presented… and that "In the Firmament" song is good but he ought to set up a bandcamp account. I'd pay for his tracks just to encourage him to continue producing Biblically-sound music in more popular genres like synthwave.

  5. Chris' documentary is one of the most important works in the whole FE movement because 99% of the content produced is either from New Agers or is too psychedelic and popcultural and really conservative Christians (who should be reached as well) would never touch this type of content. I had brothers and sisters tell me when I tried to share FE content that the spirit at work in these videos is not of God because of flashyness and certain music. I think Christian truthers should take this to heart a little 🙏🏻

  6. I've known the earth is flat since 2015/2016. It is a lonliness many times being the only one taking Gods word literal and reading what GOD say clearly about our geocentric stationary and immovable earth. I grew up loving starwars and all sci fi movies and tv shows, so waking up to the truth was always very hard for me to accept fully, but I cannot escape truth!! Always something way more fascinating about this Earth than what the globe model can ever produce. The governments know we cannot breach the firmament, they have in their declassified military files that the earth is motionless and flat, but then they also twist and keep the globe model agenda alive because once people across the entire erth wakes up to the Lies about the globe model, the military, NASA and people in power will lose their positions. Jesuits Order, Catholic Roman and the Freemasons hold this world by their closed hands and try to keep mankind inside a bubble – but they do it for their own glory, instead of Gods written word!!!! One day I hope I find a wife and friends who been looking into this too, so I don't feel so alone in my knowledge, but I have opened many eyes in the past, I just hope God gives me a life of more wisdom and more knowledge and that I do it in Love and not in vain!☝🏾🕊❤️

  7. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. PSALM 19:1
    Problem is, the heavens are changing and making it hard to see God's handiwork. I use to see stars, like seen in the video, when we went camping. Now I barely can make out constellations and I live remotely in the mountains without light pollution. Our beautiful warm, yellow" sun, has turned into this massively reflective thing that hurts your eyes if you look anywhere near it. I wonder if they are now trying to hide the signs we should be able to see as referenced in Luke 21:25-28
    25 ¶ And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. 27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

  8. I’ve been a subscriber of your channel for several several years. I’ve fallen and gotten back up again. Once in a blue moon i revisit your page , in hopes of some liberation from this loneliness I often feel. I am happy to see that you are still making videos and spreading the word. Please don’t ever stop.

  9. Honestly that doc was just OK. I found it to be somewhat dishonest in it's portrayal of the Gnostics. There were several fallacious connections made between them and the likes of Tyson and his ilk.

  10. I agree, ….Heliosorcery is a fantastic, very in-depth, and eye-opening documentary. Funny thing is …how the world has been under a planned, steady & slow progression of gradual deception. …and because it was planned and done over such a long period, people think that Geocentricity is a foolish archaic outdated concept, even though globally accepted 'Heliocentricity' is only 500 years old. Yet, …other concepts, discoveries and truths from centuries farther back before these times, ….are held onto and embraced (go figure). …and the fake world system is a master "programmer" and pushes their beliefs in 'zience' on everyone, …all the while denying that it IS a belief and a religion. MKUltra may have appeared to end in 1973, but I'm sure everyone knows that this was just a prototyping 'experimentation period', and the program was really rolled out on society afterwards. Take a good look at our world now, and the new generations of people. NASA didn't halt so-called human space travel to the moon (or anywhere else 'outside' of low-earth orbit) for nothing. It was 'planned' that way so the deception would be more effective.

  11. Just saw your video and thought it was great! Thanks for sharing the documentary heliosorcery, it was a good one, kinda reminds me of the documentary the principle2014. Hopefully there are more to come and convince these people what they are believing in scientism is a lie.

  12. Talking about Galileo, the Catholic church was right again, as it was right about everything ever, as Jesus said it would be. People still believe, without questioning, that the church would forbid the lay people to read the bible under penalty of death, that they tortured people, that the authority of the pope is not legitimate, and so on. They don't even bother to investigate the source and merit of those claims, like they did with scientism. Why? I believe it is because of the spirits of pride and rebellion. I gave that documentary a thumbs down, it's like a nice sandwich of truths with putrid lies on the middle, much like a sorcerer using truths to misdirect. Fuck this, and fuck you

  13. "It is easier to build fear, than it is to build a wall".
    …from movie: The Humanity Bureau. One memorable line in an otherwise mediocre rehash of destopian genocide promising New Eden, which turns out to be pallets stacked high with boxes of cremated remains. But, that is the paupecy and horror of vision from Schwab, Harai, Gates et al, the predestination of their program.
    Yes, this ties in with your presentation, as you reaffirm the significance of the Living Word of the Living God, YHVH Elohim and our grateful inclusion in His creation. The celestial clock spins below Him and above us, as the schedule of appointed times are soon accomplished, according to His will.
    Bless YHVH and YHVH bless you.

  14. People you have already may have saw this but. The public needs to understand How corrupt the satanic freemason police of Birmingham uk is… The corrupt freemason police of Birmingham westmidlands. Waste millions of tax payers money trying to gangstalk. The dopey real slow corrupt westmidlands Birmingham police fools freemason filth. …wasted a next few thousands pounds of tax payers money trying to gangstalk me with the tax payers funded police helicopter. Flying over me trying but not to gang stalk Me and its not cheap to fly them things … I was chilling not bothered in fact i was chilling with smile on my face while they waste the Birmingham tax payers money. YAWN I know but they feel nothing In wasting millions over five years on just me 1000s of pounds daily. Especially the times we in with the protests. Of folk not getting fair pay. The government has millions to give the westmidlands Birmingham corrupt police. Who try their best but not to gangstalk me. With the oil crisis The Birmingham westmidlands police are corrupt they try and gangstalk me using tax payers funded. Police cars The dopey real slow corrupt westmidlands Birmingham police fools freemason FILTH try and gangstalk me using police cars If you see these licence plate number it's the corrupt satanic police of westmidlands Birmingham police BX21 LKU, Dl18 FND, PLUS OU69EAA, BX67 FVP plus Bx21 MLH also KR20 ERZ is the tax funded police vans number. Plus Bx70 ARZ, PLUS. Bx66 KHK is the police car number plus they use plain cars if you see the licence plate number… BL17 OKG a grey coloured Nissan jeep ALSO A BLACK VAN BL22 XLV. Its a corrupt satanic police of Birmingham. Who try and gangstalk me daily …they have wasted millions in five years I lie to you not….. The corruption of the Birmingham westmidlands police is shocking especially with the police rapist that was found out. I say all the police are fully corrupt… especially the westmidlands Birmingham police. I've got no reason on earth to lie what would I gain in that but the public has the right to know. The uk police should be made to dismantle by force for being a corrupt satanic institution. Its widely known…..stop supporting them and stop giving Information to them. They and all police are corrupt corporate policy enforcers only…..

  15. Dig the original Space Mountain ride, people mover into the quantum world… all those ideas that were “the truth” as a kid. Meanwhile, water is level, we’re still flooded and, what is the massive organism we are living upon???

  16. Neil de Grasse is THE most repugnant , egotistical propagandist that pushes the establishment’s narrative for profit , he does not care for what actual science is , look at the way he simply talks about the vaxx as if there no possibility of side effects … have NEVER trusted that man , and neither should you

  17. In general, the Church Fathers criticised astronomy as vain curiosity that does Christians no good.

    The Church Fathers did not generally strive to formulate an authentic Christian cosmology following the Bible to replace Greek astronomy; and
    one of the reasons for this lack of interest was their firm conviction that the investigation of heavenly phenomena was useless and inappropriate. Christian writers pointed out that the Bible itself (Is. 40:13; Job 38:4) admonishes man for his interest in the natural world
    and invites him to deal with something that is nearer than the heavenly bodies, with the nearest thing of all – namely, his own self.

    "However, it does not matter if the cause of the location of the Earth cannot be found because sincerity of faith is more important than the demonstration of reason." (Basil of Caesarea, Hexaemeron, I, 10, (SC 26,18).

    It is no surprise then that Protestants and Evangelicals, so detached from the teachings of the early Church and focused on the period of the reformation as their guiding point of wisdom, would spend so much energy and effort trying to explain and understand something, which Jesus did not even use one sentence on discussing it in any of the Gospels….

  18. JESUS is not dead and His earth is flat and
    We all need to get saved from having to spend our eternity in God's lake of fire, because that's a fate we ALL deserve.
    So get SAVED and believe that God LOVES us so MUCH that He manifested Himself on earth as the Lord JESUS Christ who shed His sinless blood for the forgiveness of our sins, who was buried and rose from the dead, three days later, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.
    If you believe this you're not only saved but sealed with the Holy Spirit and rapture-ready.
    Read your Bible everyday and talk to our creator about everything and make Him your best Friend and share this GOOD NEWS = GOSPEL with others.

  19. Brilliant and beautiful, the only thing that was too long to watch was Neil Disgrace Tyson. I can't spare a second of my life on that government propaganda clown.
    Thanks for posting ….


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