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Welcome To Grand Supreme News Who We Are!
We stand out against the fake media, we are republican, right winger, conservatives. We talk about many topics like biblical prophesy, political topics, breaking news & giving honest truth that the media twist. We got to a point where watching the news was becoming unbearable to watch, misleading people down a wrong path, we hope to give a voice to those afraid to speak out… we are silenced by the media and the news and it shouldn’t be like that. #DanaCoverstone #Dreams #EndTimes Channel (GrandSupremeWorldEvents)
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PAYPAL CONTRIBUTIONS/DONATIONS – Support the channel! (Not Necessary to watch our content, this just helps us financially so we can bring you the latest news Freely) Thank you.






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▪Christ-centered-If Jesus said it… we believe it. If Jesus modeled it… we want to live it. If Jesus commanded it… we want to obey it. We believe everything Jesus practiced and preached is as relevant for us today as it was at the time of Christ’s earthly life and ministry.
▪Non-denominational-Having no authority or doctrines dictated by any outside board or affiliation.” We believe in order to stay as true as possible to the patterns of church life in the New Testament, we must avoid denominational labels and doctrines that identify us with one group exclusively. This does not mean, however, that anything goes!
▪Jesus Christ-Jesus is the only Son of God. We believe that His earthly life and ministry demonstrated and proved this: All people matter to God. We believe that if anyone wants to come to God, they must first invite Jesus Christ to be Savior and Lord of their life.
▪Worship-worship is fundamental to the abundant life of a growing Christian. We encourage all expressions of worship we read about in the Bible.
▪The Bible (KJV) Preferred-The only complete and infallible written Word of God. We also believe God still speaks to us today through His Holy Spirit.
▪What we believe about… You-EVERYONE seeking/not seeking Christ is welcome to hear the word of God.. NO ONE IS BEYOND SAVING! We love you as Christ loves the Church & hope God will work Miracles in your life to find a Relationship with you.






  1. I watch all your updates. We are truly living in biblical times. #GodWins. Please pray everyone!! Also pray for god to keep our president safe and his family!! God bless this world it really needs it!! Especially the USA bcuz evil is everywhere

  2. John 14:6 6 Jesus Saith Unto Him, I Am The Way, The Truth, And The Life: No Man Cometh Unto The Father, But By Me. Admit Your A Sinner, Believe That Jesus Christ Died On The Cross Willingly, For All Your Sins, Past, Present & Future & Was Raised From The Dead 3 Days Later & Is Now Seated At The Right Hand Side Of God In Heaven, Confess That The Lord Jesus Christ Is The Only Savior, Lord Of Lords & King Of Kings. He Is Waiting For You, Don't Wait Another Second, God's Blessings.

  3. You Better get to know Thot whitch is That. The flood is here. Learn to Swim. Or learn you are The Christ. Son's and Daughters Of God. Wisdom Strength and Beauty.

  4. Good morning from Missouri. Love your shows been watching for awhile now. Asking for prayers from everybody. My parents got copied and we lost my mom to it. We have her service this Friday a month after we lost her and now someone else in the family is sick. Prayers that its not covid and no more people have to suffer from this disease.

  5. As we look back down the corridors of the past, we find that every prophetic declaration authorized by heaven has been literally fulfilled. The Great flood was literal. The crucifixion of the Lord was literal. And so was the destruction of Jerusalem. Prophecy is not poetry. It is history in reverse. It needs no private interpretation. It is fulfilled literally.

    If anyone is attempting to apply mathematical formula to prophecy so as to fix exact dates is operating outside of the prophetic pattern which the Lord has laid down. He gives us the season, but not true date. Whatever the Lord declared concerning the past was literally fulfilled. We may reasonably expect the same of all prophecies dealing with the future.

    The purpose of prophecy is frequently misunderstood. It is not the Lord's purpose to completely remove the veil which guards the future. Too much prophecy would defeat the plan of salvation.

    Prophecy is usually in the form of a conditional promise of reward or punishment designed to determine whether or not we will do whatsoever thing the Lord commands us. In revealing the future the Lord has exercised great care. In revealing too much would inevitably overwhelm the free agency of man and deprive us of our chance to choose. If the Lord revealed the answer to every whimsical problem arising in our lives there certainly would be no testing of the human family and practically no learning.

    Therefore the Lord has warned His children not to ask for prophecy or revelation on minor matters.

    Prophecy, however, is not guessing. Nor is it speculation. Prophecy is a divine disclosure of future events.

    Prophecy is a warning sign that can save people from a great deal of misery, turmoil, and outright destruction if they would simply listen and obey the word of the Lord.


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