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  1. Hey Richie, you forgot one thing… The Bubonic Plague has never gone away. But it's easy to cure because it's a bacterial infection. You can take penicillin to treat it.
    It'd be really weird if we were to get people to lockdown and whatever for Bubonic Plague. Do you research please, instead of spreading fear-mongering.

  2. I have been doing my best posting patents and docs newer and older on my channel but its hard when they are already messing with me. As well as publicly. Check me out when you get time and maybe help spread the truth further.

  3. Hello everyone
    do you remember Rosa Koire ?
    She has been exposing the elite for decades. She has been trying to tell people about agenda 21. Behind the Green Mask
    Well I saw a vid of her several years back telling us like Audrey did about their plans. She said astroids would be the last and it's all a lie. Cant find that video now but shes still around. The asteroid thing is really gaining speed and I believe they are about to pull it off. You're right this is a spiritual battle and Fear is their most Powerful weapon. With all their technology and power they STILL have to paralyzed us to overcome us.

  4. Its not like these people that are complacent to this are going to be allowed into the bunker with their families, like cnn reporters or mayors govenor etc they aren't going to be allowed safety with the satanic elites, so thier wasting time, time that we can use to organize for war

  5. In California, since I was a boy scout in the early 70's, there was always warnings of squirrels in the area that had the Bubonic plague when we went camping in the mountains. This is not a newsworthy concern, unless you like to pet wild squirrels.

  6. Bubonic plague has been prolific in squirrels as other such fauna for 40 years, so nothing is new. Why's that not a problem?
    Generally, the masses are actually just loco in motion. They don't do anything.See the BS is that Cv has always been here. It was just never recognized because everyone was/is busy looking at other meaningless ventures,like "Go to Mars"!

  7. Oh. You want to speak like critically thinking people….so yes, who the heck is testing squirles for bubonic plage???
    I do not comprehend how any one can buy into talk of a vaccine (that are not proven…"may" prevent) for COVID real soon, as they throw millions of not billions into an AIDS vaccine that was supposed to appear in about 10 to 20 years…..that was in 1983….37 years ago! .Where's the AIDS vaccine you a dentist with all the answers!!!!
    Gotta love health insurance….no such rediculousness occurs in the barn yard!!!
    (And have scientific credentials…. quantum physics RULES…the observer affects the test…nothing IS truly provable…there is only faith.

  8. Too many people sitting back…counting their money…enjoying the BMW drive to their house in the suburbs…not willing to stick their neck out. If they don't, then they're going to really know what it's like to struggle to survive when the you know what hits the fan.

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