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Tomothy Dixon 💥 Prophetic Dream
💥 God Releases A Way For Americans July 2, 2022

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  1. The Bible clearly states that if a prophet predicts something and it does not come true then this person is a false prophet and you should flee from them. Keep this in mind when listening to any so called" prophet".

  2. Bless this man of God! I believe and I stand,rested from many battles before this< so I declare that I stand with all my brothers and sisiters here and,around the world. in Jesus mighty namw Amen what a time to be alive! exciting and a little scarey, God has us! Blessings from Texas

  3. Take your stupid DREAMS and go somewhere where else you're OBSESSED with Donald Trump Donald Trump is YOUR GOD that's all you preach about you don't end you talk with saying does anyone need to be saved you end your sermons with DONALD TRUMP TIMOTHY DIXON YOUR A PIECE OF CRAP

  4. This is unreal but here goes dreamt ob was standing over me and asking me personal questions. I believe it had to do with marriage of the country. Don't think it was just about me rather many.
    I love y'all and pray for each one of Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers in Jesus Name
    Please pray

  5. What a joke! This is not a dream that this sick ignorant uneducated old man had, this is simply BS that Kent Christmas wrote and told him to say he dreamed! How absolutely hilarious hahaha

  6. What an absolute total disgusting twisted liar! A proven and verified false prophet? This man can't even be called anything close to a prophet of god! Just his sick twisted mind that wishes people would die and be in pain sick twisted old con man! Timothy Dixon and his disgusting evil wife will burn in hell for the lies they've told on YouTube in God's name! Thus saith the lord!

  7. Please I had a vision… a dream too! To anoint with OIL DONALD J TRUMP walking on a red carpet. God's holy anointing is to move Through him . I dreamt dreams since 2020. I saw Biden's eyes huge and black on TV on the 2020 election. This was not a dream. We were 2 people here in Canada and saw it on tv. Biden's being led by Satan and his army.


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