This video was developed to provide a few practical tips that Christian single women should apply to their lives during their season of singleness. This is not an exhaustive list, but these things should be added to whatever else may be on your list. More tips are available via my website Feel free to leave comments if you have any additional tips to share.



  1. Most importantly you understand, Gods purpose he has blessed you with discernment and you are able to see we maybe single but we are not alone. You said his will thats perfect because God knows what is best for us you are wise women keep praying knowing that you are in motion twards your path love you.

  2. Why are people responding negatively to this video. If you don't get it, you don't get it. Everything is not for everybody. If you believe God doesn't exist then so be it, you absolutely have free will to believe what you want. I will say that there is a reason why "you" decided to watch this video in the first place considering the subject 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing this video and God bless yo!. This is of help to young women like me. I have already prayed the prayer for a Husband (A Man of God) and a couple of other things that you have stated in this video. This helped to let me know that i'm off to a great start!

  4. sometimes when it get too bad, i have to read the bible instead or post biblical verses on facebook. but the more deeper i pray, the more desperate my feelings for him become, my friends and some people told me to tell him, maybe it will help me make a closure to my feelings, but i;m putting this all to God, because He said I'm not alone and we put all our burdens and worries to Him, but I can seem to feel nor His reply at all, nothing is changing. I dont know what to do. and i'm writing this

  5. because i'm human i dont even know whats gonna happen within 1 hours lets alone the future, i start prayin to God to give him a wife, who God himself think is suitable for him, who will support him built and help the work of God move on to a new level, who will love him and him love back, who both will put God first and their love for each other second. but sometimes it hurt so much, i practically think about him every day, and sometimes i scream to myself, like 'you know what, enough' sometimes

  6. even mention i was beautiful, but him, nothing, we talked like to friend, but there is this intensity between us when we talk, sometimes we will just talk, starin at each other's eyes in a weird deepful kind of way but then again maybe it's just me. i dont know but many girls in my church fancy him and are praying to marry a guy like him *more specifically him*, so i kinda change my prayer, i'm not prayin for me to be his wife, which would be really amazin but i;'m prayin for God to do his will

  7. in the church, i feel guilty and destracted, sometimes i dont even know what i;m sayin, i start babblin nonsense, and when some youth pastors are around, they stared at the two of us like we're weirdos. when we talked, it felt like we're connecting but maybe its just me, it makes me furstrated and down because all my life i never feel this…this…he is the only one who i can talk about anything without feeling embarrased, he talked to me as well, his brother likes me, talked to me on facebook

  8. even when i;m prayin or standing or worshipping, even after church when i'm talking to people, i can feel his eyes on me, he stared deeper into my eyes and he'concentrate so much in me when i'm speaking to him, sometimes i feel embarrased by his stares and if i'm on the other side, talking to someone, i can even feel his eyes wondering on me, it's getting a bit stupid, before i used to get pissed, now i feel like my heart is going to burst and it doesnt help if i'm talkin to a brother in christ

  9. knows my feelings, including my friends because i pinned for him to much it become so obvious, but the things is I cant hear God when it comes to this, I pray, cried my eyes out in desperation, but nothing, instead my feelings for him intensified and the worse thing is, me and the guy are now good friend, and my instinct telling me he likes me (but i cant trust my instinct because i'm not positive), why is that, because he does a lot of interpretation, and preachin, his eyes always glue to me,

  10. the girl he fancy, he's thinking about her and he's observing her. well technically that was the moment my heart really dropped, and i start praying to God to answer me, but even in my dreams I cant see nothing nor hearing, sometimes when my heart feel too heavy, i feel so suffocating (and its my first time to feel this in love), i just dont pray about my desire anymore, i decide to spent my times prayin for others than letting my feelings for the guy cloud me, i just live it to God. my mum

  11. so since then i start likin him so much, sometimes it hurt, i even start going to bible class because of him but then last year i had a revelation, not because of him but because of the way i was leading my life, in hypocrisy, so i totally converted myself, and give myself wholehearted to God, to serve him body mind and soul. I'm still approachin myself with my alliance with God. but this time my feelings for the guy are getting worse. especially since my pastor said that the guy already knows

  12. the way the guy i try to date spoke, his personality, even though the one i was trying to date suited really well with my category of guy, yet he wasnt enough, it was not till later that i figured out that he wasn't him and i felt disgust and betray the first time i kissed the guy i was dating because it felt like i broken my vows of keepin myself clean till God chose a husband for me, and i was betraying the guy i fancy. so i broke it off, the second week, even the guy i was datin was surprised

  13. graduated from cambridge university and that really spoke to me, because cambridge uni is a good university and i love it because guy there are so smart, him being of the first class student, i was impressed but i thought only of him as a friend, untill i start uni, as i was surrounded by friends who had boyfriend so i thought i could start dating but when i met a guy, the first thing i start doin was comparing his personality with that guy in my church, the one i fancy, comparing everything,

  14. in the church and he is a sub-teacher in bible studies and take care more on the youth, we are good friends, before when i met him, he was the one who stared at me, so i did find a weird that was before i start liking him, but i was growing up and to be honest, he was sort of the type of guy I wouldnt dare fancy, because he didnt fit into 'my guy lists of dating' category, that was when i was still a 'christian' but i did follow some of God's law correctly, then in 2009, i learnt he was

  15. But I have a problem, I'm a 23 years old student and a christian, I dont believe in sex before marriages so I protect myself and run away from a sin of adulterer and fornication but the thing is I have crush on this guy in my church, He's everything. He was converted in 2008 completely, he's a good son of God, very polite, humble and smart, graduate, have a job and all that, my entire family like him, even the church like him, because of his humbleness he was even named as one of the elderly

  16. @jamjr1972 Are you trying to let us know you are single. Just kidding!! I love to hear a man speak the word and how we as single believers must be. Be encouraged. I am single and I am waiting.

  17. I have been single for 23 years, and I wrote a song "Single in the hood" and its an esteem boost for you Christian Single ladies. Please subscribe to my channel..because the more "new" subscribers I get the more chances of me winning and if I win I get to win some gigs on TV…..God is good.

  18. It's possible, because my parents never dated (they were pin-pals before they met), and they have been happily married for 34 years! They prayed and waited on God for each other, which is something that even most single Christian people are not willing to do (especially the waiting part) in this day in age. Yeah, dating seems like the ideal, but even this won't guarantee that you will find mr. or mrs. right. I think the bottom line is patience and not trying to rush a relationship.


  20. This was some good advice, although I have not seen the books. Chaste company keeping is necessary to be able to discern, otherwise, one is lead by disordered passions from the wounds of concupiscence. No passionate kissing! That is ordered for the marital act, which is, in turn, ordered for marriage. Audio Sancto (dot) org >> then go to "The 10 Commandments" and the sermon on Dating: the 6th and 9th Commandments / 1more suggestion: strive to grow in virtue, especially where you are weakest


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