My Top 10 Christian Rap Songs from 2020 so far… lemme know what yours are in the comments!

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10. Melvillous – Summerhouse

9. KB – The Name (feat. Koryn Hawthorne)

8. nobigdyl. & Andy Mineo – WILLY

7. Marty, Andy Mineo – The One where I talk to God

6. Dru Bex, Kay Sade – Ororo

5. Jon Keith – Still God

4. Hulvey – Cold Water

3. Hulvey – Otherside

2. Jon Keith – Vllg Preview (feat. ATG)

1. Parris Chariz – Hate me or Love me

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  1. The One Where I Talk to God, Still God, and Willy are all great! Smooth Operator and Made are on repeat for me as well! Get to the Point, Set Me Free, Los Santos Customs, One Tree Trill, Trust, Parabolic!, Over the Top, Balloons, Not Too Far, and Climate Change are my top 10 of 2020!

  2. Dru and Kay have just released an entire collaborative album together, called UFO TOFU!

    ORORO was one of the singles, and interestingly the title of every song on the project is readable the same in both the directions! 😅😊

  3. I feel like wilsxn came out with one of the best albums this year tho, birthbysleep is so good, and the artwork is amazing too. Wish he got more exposure, he definitely made my lists this year

  4. Hey David or someone else, do you know some christian drill artists? Preferably UK drill, but if you know some New York or generally American drillers please tell me:)

  5. Thanks for giving Dru Bex some love. He’s one that doesn’t get the love. “Ororo” was a good summer song.

    Hulvey is definitely the breakout artist in Reach this year. I don’t like all his stuff but he’s always pretty consistent on the music. The one thing I really like from him is that he is able to make solid modern rap and boom bap music so he’s very versatile. His 2 albums are pretty slept on and needs more love too. “Heaven Up Above” is one of my favorite songs from him this year.

  6. I tried to find my top 10 tracks, but it seems to be showing all songs from Ty Brasel The Divine Storm, with Restore Me from Lecrae's album being the only outlier at number 6. I guess it's because I always listen to music in albums rather than playlists. It's a bit better when I change it to the past four weeks, but then it shows mostly KB His Glory Alone.

  7. Top 10 for CHH only. I have a few non-Christian Rap songs in there
    10. Starlit- Parris and Ty Brasel
    9. Roller Coaster- JPKIlledIT and Joey Vantes
    8 Over the Top-Lecrae
    7 I got Last-Joey Vantes
    5 Chiron-Derryn
    4 Lie to Me- Jude and Eric Heron
    3 Cruise-Drup
    2. The Light-Parris
    1. Astro-Drup

    Also mine changes every few days so it's just for the recent time


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