My favorite Christian Rock Songs.



  1. Awesome list I Love Flyleaf <3 And really people does there always have to be a Religious battle for every little thing?? If you are not Christian or you don't like Christians or Rock then why are you here??? Not being mean to those who aren't Christian and like this type of Music though.

  2. This list was done very well. But, I do agree that Hero by Skillet, though a good song, is not thier best song, under my opinion. 321 is also a good song, but I personally like Dear X, you don't own me. There are many awsome Christian rock bands/artists out there like, Icon for Hire, Manafest, Audio Adreneline and Stellar Kart, but your list picked some of the most popular and modern bands and songs. Overall, I liked your chioce of songs enen though tey are different than what I like.

  3. @A70036 um no, vocally it's pretty bad, Skillet has some amazing music, 'Hero' was/is terrible, I'm sorry I like them, But 'Hero' did not do it for me, The song is way too repetitive.

  4. @ruck987 good drummer yes, singer not so much (my opinion) yes it was hit, but so is Beiber and Gaga, and for one I think they have horrible music. Now Comatose was much more of a better CD than Awake, because their singer sounded much better then. 'Hero' just seemed to repetitive to me.

  5. @ruck987 I'm sorry I hate the way the girl just screams randomly through the song, I love a lot of their music, and I've seen them live at Rock the Desert, and going to again in August, I love Lucy, Goodbye and some others, but some of their songs fall flat to me, Hero was just a disaster to me, half of it was good, but that girl just ruins the song big time. This being said I love most of their music just not Hero.

  6. @XxSnprBonesxX cool, I'll look forward to it, I love Disciple, RED, Flyleaf, Skillet, and Pillar. but yeah this list was much better than others I found.

  7. I loved almost all the songs except Number 1, I think 'Hero' is Skillets worst song ever; maybe Lucy, or Monster would be better, or my personal favorite Skillet song "Savior', but I would have put more RED songs on the list their my favorite band ever.


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