These World Cup controversies will have you crying “foul!” For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the biggest scandals that have tainted the 2022 football-slash-soccer tournament and threatened to overshadow the event. Our countdown includes Naturalizing Players, Worldwide Boycotts, LGBTQ+ Rights, and more! Who deserves to host the next World Cup? Let us know below!

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  1. Show us the clip where an Israeli (apartheid regime) questions an artist about attending the event in a nation, Qatar despite its human rights violations. 😂 These Zionists are a special kind of shit

  2. Let's not forget what happened to Paola Schietekat, her story shows how much vulnerability one can encounter as a woman visiting Qatar. And her case isn't an isolated one. So when they say "Let's focus on the football" I know they are saying "Yes, we put people through hell and give them inhuman work conditions, but don't you just love the sound of a ball roll on the grass?"

  3. I am enjoying the drama. I feel sorry for the 6500 foreign sourced workers who built the stadiums but I do not feel sorry for FIFA or Qatar. Let this be the most disastrous world cup in history. Glorious!

  4. I believe Japan should get another host of the world cup I know they had a co-host with South Korea but Japan definitely deserves to have another world cup in the future. If not England should also host it since it's been a long time since they ever host a world cup

  5. The paid fans accusation seems baseless. In Qatar number of south East Asians working especially from India known for their pure passion for football. Since it is so close to India , rather than any other WC venue, many come to support their own favourite teams.

  6. Wait, so fifa got mad at the Mexican fans for yelling a "homophobic" word and even threaten them by saying that they will disqualified the mexico national team off the tournament, but now they're saying that they're trying to respect the believes an anti-gay country?? Uh I guess money talks

  7. I don't want to say I like it or that it brings me joy, but Qatar did all this because they wanted to make a name for themselves on the world stage. Well, they have.

  8. Qatar is a big mistake! and it’s actually proving to be! Even the bloody thing has to be played in late Autumn because of the desert heat! Then there’s the completely opposing cultures! The perfect cocktail for an epic fail! Only wants a major European team to be knocked out by an unpopular referee decision , and the fans go on the beer ( yes I’ll guarantee they will have it) in all that heat………….

  9. Did I miss the part about Women’s Rights, or the scheduling issue due to moving on winter months, or that the Saudi led blockade is motivated in part by the World Cup, or that Al Jazeera is a World Cup propaganda mouthpiece?

  10. The hypocrisy of it all, just cause it’s a Muslim country you find all these ‘issues’, however your own history has been far worse regarding treatment of Muslims or minorities.
    Simple, law of the land should prevail. You ban hijab in your country so keep your moral lessons to yourself.


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