Here are the top 10 reasons why most people don’t read their Bible’s! These are all lies from the enemy! I hope and pray that you would stop believing these lies and pick up your Bible! I pray you would fall in love with God’s word and experience complete joy and satisfaction from reading the Bible and growing closer to the Lord! I hope this video will help you see why you should be reading your Bible and how to start reading your Bible 🙂

Pick up your Bible – just give it a try! I promise you won’t regret it! :)))

All glory to God!








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  1. One cool (and should I mention FREE) resource that I’ve been LOVING lately is the Daily Audio Bible Podcast! It’s basically a podcast in which a piece of the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs is read to you every day of the year. By the end of 1 year, you will have listened to the entire Bible!! While I don’t think that anything can top reading out of your own bible and marking it up, making notes and journaling about it, those days when life really is crazy you can listen to the Bible while doing something else such as driving or cleaning. You could also follow along in your own bible and make notes. Listening to it can keep your mind from wandering. They also switch translations every week, so you can here what different versions say!! I’ve also been picking up on things that I might’ve missed just reading (sometimes scanning 😳) the Bible on my own.

  2. 'Lil Bible Testimony for ya'll: There was one time I kept putting off reading my Bible. I finished prayer and just went back on the internet once again to browse and keep me busy. But something fascinating happened. I had just opened my home screen and clicked on an app and suddenly the Bible app opened. I exited off and thought it was just an accident since the icon was RIGHT next to the Bible icon. But this time I went to go to YouTube and the icon on my home-screen was NO WHERE NEAR the bible app but once again it opened. That's when I became amazed and decided to read a little bit of my bible. Sometimes God makes way for you to read your bible when the devil wants to distract you with wordly and meaningless things.

  3. Really? It is written in several places of the Bible, that it is sealed to man's understanding, that factually mankind cannot even read it. In short that the human race is illiterate.

    It also tells you when this will change and why.

    So, tell me how you think you managed to actually read it?

  4. How I found you Coffee girls, i was looking into an ad about a bible journal, did some looking around, found some videos how to make your own, and that's how i found you girls.

    I grew up Christian, but I'm an late bloomer, I understood or at least I thought I did, until the last few years, God has showed me that I didnt understand. During this time, I am coming closer to Him but am struggling what I should do. It's not funny but it is LoL {gotta find a little humor} I'm all over the place, wanting to know Him more ⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️↕️🤩🥰🤯🥳

    This video was very helpful. Thank you for sharing your faith and teaching it to others. I absolutely love your videos. I have never seen a Bible Study and I am just beside myself right now 🤯🥳🤩 🙏❤

    Thank you, May God Bless you and yours 🙏💙🙏

    From one of your newest subscribers 💚

  5. Biggest cure for christianity is for christians to read your bible. Cannt find christianity nowhere in Hebrew scriptures. Yet everything christians do is actually all FORBIDDEN

  6. What’s crazy is the Bible speaks against women wearing jewelry and makeup. It even speaks against women cutting their hair. Wanna know why it’s not taught about? Because most pastors know that if they speak about it (which they should, it’s Bible), they might potentially lose members or offend someone.

    Read your Bible y’all.

  7. It's very difficult when life doesn't work out the way you think it's supposed to and you become discouraged. This has really become a major problem for me because of lots and lots and lots of heartache and disappointments for many many years. I just have too much of a broken heart and feel like the Lord doesn't care about my life anymore. As a result I just cannot read my Bible very much at all because I'm just too hurt.

  8. bible did not transform my life. Jesus did and partly god when I believed some of the new testament and the gospels. THE OLD TEST did NOTHING for me, except maybe Psalms and reading spiritual "lesson" and examples from Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Proverbs was good. But the first 10 books of the bible are worthless and are just myths. If I have to believe what you teach, I would never have held on to my Faith.

  9. okay, I got past the ignorant, offensive Geico commercial. The rest of the video was interesting. I do believe and follow Jesus Christ and some of christian spirituality. But as atheist Aron Ra once said, the more you SERIOUSLY study the bible especially the old test, you realize that a lot of christianity has problems (not the core beliefs) and should really abandon Judaic roots if it wants potential unsaved people to take you seriously. Other nations and non European cultures are not going to be amazed at the "…wonderful jews and old israel…" when considering Jesus. the bible doesn't talk about God's activities in China, Polynesia, Thailand, South America, pre European Israel Northern Kingdom migration. God wasn't there…or maybe he was but his name was not Yahweh. Why would other ancient gods be all wrong? What if God and Jesus revealed himself to ancient pagans and Asians but called himself Odin, or Isis or the same name as one of the Chinese deities? A real all powerful loving god would have reached out to them LONG BEFORE the Hebrews. Ben Franklin once said, "justice delayed is justice denied".


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