This is a selection of christian songs for 2010!
12. when god made you – newsong and natalie grant
11. give us clean hands – chris tomlin
10. Praise you in this storm-Casting Crowns
9.Magnificent obsessions – steven curtis chapman
8.the motions – Matthew west
7.lose my soul – tobymac
6.held – natalie Grant
5.The lost get found – britt nicole
4.never alone – barlow girl
3. right here – jeremy camp
2.lead me to the cross – newsboys on our knees – toby mac

Song playing: Irene – Toby Mac

Coming soon: Newsboys Songs 2010!!

Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for watching!

Been making this vid for 3 hours! LOL



  1. @MegaJd96 Or maybe you could be nice to me and have sympathy for me because I'm not good with computers and I'm trying my best just to spread the word of God… Why are you watching this if your just gonna be a hater, if you're a Christian then God would want you to treat others the way you would want to be treated.. Is that not what the Bible says?

  2. @caitchelmegalex i got proof he's real. if he's not real explain the dead sea scrolls and every thing in the bible that tells about the end times, all the events, have either happened, are happening, or are in the process of it going to happen so explain that!!!! God is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @XXDeathxCore If god's fake, then why do i often dream about things that will come true the next day?
    Like: One day, I dreamed i found my bible, and the next day, i did! (Some people believe i have future telling abilities, But i don't!) God is truly powerful, Because, In september 2001, Remember the plane that crashed in the WTC? Well, Me, My brother, Father, Mother almost took that plane!
    If you don't believe in god, You just don't know your life could be much better if you did!

  4. You know, im not tryen to put this the wrong way but about a year ago, my parrents were really christain and i wanted apsolutly nothing to do with it i ran away i cursed them i just hated everything that had to do with God, and i thought everyday how do ik hes real? how do i know hes there, until one day i went to this convention thing in NJ and it saved me i never felt so loved and wanted and accepted in my life, Christ is the real deal, and if anyone has questions i would be happy to answer!

  5. its not that we know were rigjt, i wouldnt put it that way, i would just say that people who have had an actual connection with him and a relationship with him, know that he exist, and when i mean relationship i mean like a friendship like, i know he loves me and i love him, and most christains repect other religions we just want people to get to know him, and share the love of christ like he did with us, trust me at one point i wanted nothing to go with God know i cant get enough.

  6. @XXDeathxCore
    caitchelmegalex was right. He feel him. He talks to us. Its cause we look for him. He speaks to everyone. But, some people ignore it. And people really think you worship the devil?!? That is way off….

  7. @XXDeathxCore hey have you ever heard seeing is believing well can you see air so you can believe in things you cant see and evolution don't you wonder how they came to be and do you see the stars there are so many you cant count them and the galaxy is so vast can you explain that last can you explain the world and remember god loves every one and even tho we disobey him he loves us

  8. @XXDeathxCore What is it that you will gain in being an atheist? Being a christian we may or may not gain what is said but we do not know but what if its true? You said about proving if theres a god than prove to me that there isn't one 🙂

  9. @XXDeathxCore You have the right's to say what you want, so I have the right's to say what I want. Don't go around telling people to shut up just because you refuse to believe what other people do. What happened to respecting Christianity? Clearly you're not if your going around saying things like that to people just because they're stating their belief's while you're even doing the same! Don't state yours if I can't state mine….

  10. @babygirl83780 Being a christian may not always be an easy job, may not always pay well, but the retirement plan is out of this world! Keep your head up girl, and keep on believing! It will pay off in the end!

  11. @portlandgirl.. You are not alone. Apparently, you know this. You also mock your knowledge and God along with it.. Drinking and drugs came before the boy. You have not prayed for a day, let alone a year. What is your motivation? Cruelty? Boredom? You will continue to suffer the depression until you actually surrender it to God. I think you're much too arrogant to do that, but I will pray for you because God believes in you.

  12. @babygirl83780 Babygirl, that means you're on God's path! Rejoice! Don't look for rewards here, because you won't find them. Times are going to get tough for Christians. Then they're going to get worse. Buckle up, kid. The ride is just starting. We are called to bring people to Christ. Not with our words, but with our actions. May God let your actions speak!

  13. thanks for your song it amazing and meaning full,the best christian song.i love this song so much..make more others song .this song give me more power,,who can make this great song.may GOD bless you…


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